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Submitted by ravensly 555d ago | rumor

Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Edition Appears on Amazon UK

The leaks and rumors surrounding a possible PC release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection continue to pile up. Recently a listing for the game appeared on, the Spanish version of the popular online retailer. Also, entries have been found within the Steam database for Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. Today a new listing has popped up on The listing is currently still available, but expect it to be removed soon.

The title is listed separately from the main Halo: The Master Chief Collection page, and currently only allows users to sign up to be notified if/when it becomes available. Admittedly, this listing alone is highly doubtful evidence, but given the past leaks it becomes more significant. It is still another piece of mounting evidence that Microsoft might be releasing the highly anticipated compilation for PC. (Halo: Master Chief Collection, PC)

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mhunterjr  +   556d ago
I wouldn't expect an announcement for PC until well after MCC does it's numbers for xbox 1. I'd expect a time frame similar to the wait for GTAV to hit PC.
Ripsta7th  +   555d ago
But now with this rumors of there being a pc version might hold back some potential buyers. They will wait for the pc version
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starchild  +   555d ago
As much as I would love for it to be true, I have to say that this kind of evidence--listings in the Steam database and/or listings on amazon--don't really mean much of anything. We have seen this kind of thing before where it amounted to nothing.

Sometimes it's just one rumor that gets propagated from place to place. We see this as further mounting evidence when in actuality it is simply more people taking the rumor and running with it.

This doesn't mean it definitely won't happen, I'm just saying that the evidence isn't that meaningful at this point.
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rawz  +   555d ago
Yes and no. You are right, they aren't meaningful evidence. But when we look at your own example, one rumour is meaningless. Add bunch of rumours more and it actually becomes meaningful. So at this point I would say the evidence are meaningful.
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Charybdis  +   555d ago
Wouldn't be a bad idea to launch it on pc before halo5 launches on the x1. Previous halo titles have also been pc so it's not impossible.
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iamnsuperman  +   555d ago
I can see why you think that. But I don't think Microsoft cares that it sells well on Xbox than PC. It is their collectors edition. It doesn't mean future Halo games will appear on PC. This is just them building hype for Halo 5. Being on PC might have long term benefits for the Xbox One
mhunterjr  +   555d ago
But MCC will have short term AND long term benefits for xbox one... They have an opportunity to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak, so I doubt they'd squander that opportunity at the expense of xbox 1 hardware sales.

Once H:MCC has done all it can to help xbox1 sales, we may hear about a PC version.
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choujij  +   555d ago
I hope it's true. I have no problem waiting for the PC release.
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Grave  +   555d ago
Same here. Bring on Halo in 3-monitor glory!
Lon3wolf  +   555d ago
Do a search for B00LU32EDM the ASIN number and Amazon Japan lists this too. Would like this to come to PC as I will not be getting a new Xbox for a couple of years, PS4 first (next year) for me this wave of consoles.
OwnageDC650  +   555d ago
I would much rather have this on PC. Be a lot more convenient to launch them from my desktop rather than switching discs. Plus 1440p res and 4X or more AA FTW!
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Elmatoor  +   555d ago
It will be only on one disc on the Xbone.

It will only have one menu for all of the games.
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OwnageDC650  +   555d ago
That's great to hear. I would still prefer to launch the game from my desktop. More convenient, cheaper and more graphics options. If it doesn't come out for PC I'll go ahead and purchase it for my Xbox One.
OrangePowerz  +   555d ago
I would buy that instantly, but I don't really think MS is that stupid because let's be honest it wouldn't be a smart move to release it on anything except X1 given that they want to sell more consoles.

Edit. Truefan1 is that you handing out disagrees to people who say they would buy it on PC? :-D
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iamnsuperman  +   555d ago
I don't think a PC version of the collection will do much harm for Xbox One sales. How many potential console owners are going to have a decent PC? Your talking about a large number but still vastly in the minority. This collection is nothing more than building hype for Halo 5 (whilst also filling a gap). Reaching out to those PC fans might convince them (I. E build hype) for Halo 5 (which will be Xbox One exclusive)
mhunterjr  +   555d ago
No man... There's a ton of excitement for this collection. I've talked to people who had no plans of ever getting an xb1, who have done a 180 since hearing about this. Releasing this on PC would change those people minds...
OrangePowerz  +   555d ago
I think you underestimate how many console gamers have a good PC. We are not talking here about the casual Wii crowd, but a game for core gamers and many of them have good PCs as well. I personally don't care about Halo 5, I playrd them until ODST and for me Halo finished with Halo 2 the last great one in the series and I'm not bothered with the tacked on new trilogy. I just want to play the 2 good ones again with better graphics.
user366359   555d ago | Spam
The BS Police  +   555d ago
It's as real as the Xbox 360 listing for the game... Not real at all and simply an error.
XStation  +   555d ago
This is nothing but a mere placeholder and is confirmation of nothing. Amazon generates placeholders that appear after enough people have searched for a specific item. All it shows that there is a demand and that people are searching for it. If it had a price attached to it and some actual product information then it would be something to discuss.
gfk342  +   555d ago
If MCC releases also on the PC it is clear for me that Microsoft is not full committed with the Xbox brand. I mean hearing all the declarations from the last couple of months from MS's CEO and also Bill Gates and all the disparate changes to the Xbox vision, the release of MCC for the PC will decrease the consumer's trust in this brand.
jnemesh  +   555d ago
Trust? What trust do they have left with the brand? The BEST thing MS could do would be to focus on PC gaming at this point.
tehpees3  +   555d ago
Things get listed by retailers all the time but it means nothing.
Roccetarius  +   555d ago
they will inevitably release this on PC, but like other people have said, it's going to be a while like GTA V.

With that said, the possibilities and chance for community with this is big, not to mention that modders will find ways to implement things.
Gamer777  +   555d ago
I highly doubt this for two reasons, Halo 3 and Halo 4 never came to PC even after the sales did high numbers on XB 360. Secondly the XB1 needs a big (and already established) IP to push XB1 sales come fall.
CervantesPR  +   555d ago
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Scark92  +   555d ago
I think Xbox One needs this as an exclusive, but I hope it does come out, as I will be buying a PS4, but not many Xbox games are very interesting to me as of yet, though this one does make me want to try it, I only played Halo 3 with a friend! Did not understand the hype around it, so if it comes to PC I will get it!
SaveFerris  +   555d ago
It's possible that MS could release the MCC for PC eventually, to maximise sales of the game. But I doubt it would come out until at least 18 months later. Outside of COD, the MCC will likely be their biggest seller.
brotherlymoses  +   555d ago
If MS really wants the Xbox brand to die then just release it on PC. Halo 1-3 is the best thing Xbox has, halo 4 sucked and I'm pretty sure halo 5 will suck, so what's left?nothing. R.I.P Xbox
iNFAMOUZ1  +   555d ago
^^ Halo 4 didn't suck? are you high on some weak stuff?? Halo 4 picked up from Halo 2 in terms of fun, it was awesome. You don't know halo if it hit you in the head, your not a true fan, stop replying about halo in any halo related thing, just stop, everyone in this forum is now dumb because of you.
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Dewitt  +   555d ago
MS or 343i just need to confirm this rumor as not currently in the works, which is what I know is already the case.
xtremexx  +   555d ago
dont really want to buy an Xbox One yet so i would be happy if it came to PC.
Perjoss  +   555d ago
Was thinking of getting a One to play this, but I might hold off now and see what unfolds.
Revengeance  +   555d ago
IF this is true it'll be one less reason to get an XB1, or in this case 4 less reasons.
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