HD Upgrades. Are We Being Mugs?

In a period when 1080p/60fps is bounded about like a badge of honour, it’s easy to blind and daze us to true artistry in favour of some numbers and marketing blurb that most of really don’t care about, we’re being told to care about - Writes UglyGeezer

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PridedLlama1414d ago

I can proudly say I have yet to buy a HD update/remake/directors edition yet.

Apart from the Gamecube remaster of Resident Evil 1.......

Like the geezer says a few have been done really well, and there are some true classics that would be great to see revitalised. I'd much rather see proper oldies reworked rather than anything that came out on the last gen.

It clearly is a cash grab when it comes to certain games and anyone thinking anything else is naive to the extreme

PridedLlama1414d ago

and its just been announced that Resident Evil 1 is being remade for EVERYTHING!!!!!! yay I now love HD upgrades!

This bloke doesn't have a clue

Mikelarry1414d ago

lol that was a quick switch.

i am not a big fan of hd remakes but understand why they exist. the only remake i ever purchased was tomb raider and that was because i never purchased it on ps3. so as long as people keep buying them they will keep pumping these out same as everything.

LordMaim1414d ago

I think I just got whiplash.

Like I said in the other thread about the remake, Resident Evil would benefit from a full fledged reboot. Go back to base principles and start again with modern design philosophy and old school tension. The original control scheme is dated, and the new games are... lacking.

saber000051414d ago

For other games, yes, but for this game... The Last of Us came out extremely late. It only makes sense that they would update it to PS4. However, most remake games, I feel are kind of a cash and grab. I thought Tomb Raider was one of those games since all it really just needed to be done, was imported over to the new game systems. Visually, I almost see no difference. Just seems silly re-releasing a game twice on PC.. O_o

ChuckTheIceMan1414d ago

I won't buy any remake/remaster unless they are completely rebooted new games. These studios are taking resources away from new games to retouch an old game and making a crap-load of money off you people who buy them.

mixolydian_id1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Yep... were mugs.

Less of this next-gen-port business....

Give us, re-recorded/developed audio. New game engines... new textures... new features and the lot, re-developed cut scense.

Some of these companies are taking everyone for a ride.

They claim they want to 'protect' the original game, during a next-gen transition.

I call it belony... they just can't be bothered to put any work in!

Rebuild from the ground up please

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Clown_Syndr0me1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Yeah we are mugs. But its optional we don't have to buy them.
Im getting a little fed up with all the HD remake announcements, my thirst for new games isn't being quenched enough. I don't mind if its PS1 games, as its skipped two generations and many people wouldn't have played them.
Most of my favourite franchises seem to have just died out, and there really isn't that much variety in the new ones. That being said Im not complaining, I still have plenty to play and still enjoy gaming.

Spotie1414d ago

I've gotten two so far. ICO/SotC and ZoE. I might get TLOU, since I never finished it on PS3.

Frankly, I don't have a problem with the HD ports of games produced at the tail end of the generation. Granted, the prices need to be right, but especially when it comes to this new generation, where there could be people new to a brand, the exclusive port/remake makes sense.

Hellsvacancy1414d ago

Okami and the Hitman Trilogy is all i've bought, I never played Okami when it was released on the PS2 so that was a no-brainer

Hitman is my favourite series ever (except that abomination that is Absolution) and I would buy this Resident Evil remaster only if it comes with Res2

It's too early for me to play The Last Of Us again, i'll give it a year or two then get the PS4 version

jimjam34421414d ago

if my ps4 breaks before i play a single good game on it ima be pissed.

UglyGeezer1414d ago

People can't really be blamed for buying into them.

In the case of TLoU, I just wish and really feel it should be cheaper.

Irony is that we get this posted up for a RE1 HD update of an update gets announced. I'm hearing it's another shoddy one as well, ugly backgrounds and looks rushed.

GenericNameHere1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

If you have a Gamestop near you, you could have traded in your physical copy of the PS3 version, and gotten $25 off last week. Too late now though. If you wish it to be cheaper, wait a few months. Not everyone has to buy the game at launch and at full price.

@the writer
Mind actually showing us the problems, instead of whining like the wannabe "journalist" you are? There are problems with TLOUR. Texture work on some objects are still bad, there are still pop-ups, and things appear, disappear, and re-appear depending on how far or close you are. MAYBE, just maybe, you should do some research, look up user problems of the games, verify whether they are actually common and horrible bugs/texture work that affects the game. THEN present them to us, and compare them to previous set of HD Remasters (keyword here: REMASTERS).

ALL I read in your horrible article is you whining and moaning about something that you have no evidence of. You're just jumping on the bandwagon. Why don't you be an actual journalist for once, present some real facts (i just mentioned a few problems to help you get started), and come back with professional integrity instead of joining the "Uhh, yeah I heard about this. Let me hate on it too!" Bandwagon.

If this sounds too harsh, too bad. You've put your opinion on the Internet, you've provided ZERO evidence to support your opinion, and you're getting called out for it.

Just noticed you are the writer. Still, my point stands. There ARE problems with TLOUR, and that's a fact. But you have to present the evidence to us and make a claim on why it's such a bad thing.

UglyGeezer1414d ago

I was trying to get a discussion going. My piece is an opinion piece, not a scientific paper.

You say there are problems, I'm saying there are problems/ There's my evidence.

I'm saying demand better treatment classic games, they deserve better treatment.

I won't add CAPS to emphasise my point, that would just look silly.

funkybudda1414d ago

When Tomb Raider Definitive edition was released at $60 earlier this year, TLOU at $50 is VERY reasonable, especially when it's pretty much the best console game of last year, and possibly last gen. People are just complaining for the sake of complaining. Not to mention when you can trade in the PS3 version for the PS4 version for $25, at Gamestop in the USA, it's GREAT deal.

jimjam34421414d ago

for me tlou r is a no brainer, had a 360 all last gen so getting a game i never played with all dlc included is a great deal, but when i see comparison videos it looks like they barely touched the game, plus i have a 720 p tv, so im wondering if ill even see any improvements what-so-ever.

LordMaim1414d ago

When Deus Ex Human Revolution was released for the Wii U two years after it was released for PS3/Xbox 360, no one batted an eye that it cost $50. It also included DLC, but offered *no* improvements in graphics or performance. Gameplay was identical, but it offered some second screen functionality that was unique.

Two years between releases instead of one, less difference between versions, same price, but no internet furor. The key difference seems to be that Deus Ex was multiplatform and The Last of Us isn't.

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