Way of the Samurai 3 This Fall In Japan

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals new details of Way of the Samurai 3, the adventure series was first announced in Tokyo Game Show 2005 and originally slated for 2007 release but is now set for a fall release this year in Japan. The last two games in the series have player as a masterless samurai trying to survive in the chaotic time of 19th Century Japan and depending on his/her choices in the game, will get different endings of the game.

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PS360WII3839d ago

Ooh I played the first one and it was pretty sweet. Didn't even know they made a 2nd one >< Will have to see what they do with the 3rd one now.

Swiftfox3839d ago

I own the first one, and it is still a favorite of mine. I have not found the second one, although I hear that it dissappointed on many fronts.

Hopefully this will make it to other regions sometime.

MK_Red3839d ago

What the... I didn't even know there was a new Way of the Samurai in works and now we have a solid release date for Japan!? Wow. Hopefully it makes it way out of Japan like the previous 2.

Angelitos3839d ago

PS3 exclusive hahahahahahhahaa!