Adblock Brings Layoffs To Gaming Websites

It appears that big video game websites are suffering some losses of profit due to Adblock. Websites such as Polygon, Gamespot, Engadget are among the ranks. When will people learn that ADblock destroys everything on web? Guess they never will!

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iamnsuperman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

In a way Adblocker isn't really the only problem. Sure YouTube personalities get their news from the big sites but you guys take away revenue from the big sites just by reporting the news.

Also another problem is the ads themselves. They are never targeted properly and more often than not are in your face. I use Adblocker because I don't want to spend 5 to 10 minutes before a video watching adverts to then just watch 5 to 10 minutes of content. Gametrailers was the worst offended of this. You use to have to do that but they also had mini ad breaks in the middle. I watched more ads than content. It is annoying

Then we have the pop up ads or the click ads that get in the way. You click a link or turn up on the website and bam and add is floating in front of the content. In a way websites have brought it on themselves.

I subscribe to people through patron. Matt Lees used to be at VideoGamer but decided to do his own thing. His content was mature and good enough that I thought why not pay for him. The thing is I would never do that to IGN or gamespot because their general content is extremely poor and designed to make you want to click. It is like if I subscribed to the DailyMail. I subscribe to The Times and my girlfriend does to the guardian (I am not sure the independent has one but she would if she could). See people respond to quality. But the big sites have taken the DailyMail route with click bait titles and poor, flame war, content. They need to change if they want subscriptions or less people to use ad blocker

Viper71414d ago

Agreed, there are few things more annoying than 20 second sometimes unskippable trailers and advertisements.

Before I only used the built-in extension blocker in Chrome to block annoying flash adds. But these videos in youtube and twitch have really forced me to install addblock to regain at least some sense to the pages.

zeal0us1414d ago

I believe the main reason people use adblockers is because the ads are poorly targeted, placed or just downright annoying. No one want to see an ad about Alzheimer when you're watching video about video game history. I'm pretty sure no one wants to click on a page then get bombarded with popups

Information Minister1414d ago

Adblock software might be part of the problem, but excessive and/or intrusive advertising is the root of the problem.

I wouldn't be using adblock if I didn't have to deal with 3 advertising pop-up windows for every page of the actual content I'm interested in.

Maybe content providers should exert some moderation before blaming it all on the consumers.

Yi-Long1414d ago

I wouldn't even be on these sites like gametrailers and youtube and many many others, if it wasn't for AdBlock.

All the adds were completely sucking the enjoyment out of many of them.

Adblock made the internet accessible again.

DragonKnight1414d ago

I use Adblock Plus with 3 Filters because some sites are so persistent with their annoying ads being thrown in your face it's ridiculous. Ads also slow the site from loading, and my adblocker on some sites blocks dozens of ads. Why the hell do you need dozens? Like many have said, if the ads were consistent with the theme of the site, then maybe people wouldn't use adblocker, but more often than not they aren't consistent.

I'm sure if ads were something like deals on games and consoles, people wouldn't have a problem, but more often than not you only have to have looked up something obscure once years ago and that's the ads you'll get. That's why I also use Ghostery because it blocks ad trackers.

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Scarfy1414d ago

There are sometimes really gross ads as well, like ones for poor skin and bad dental hygiene. Seriously, when I'm reading a review of a video game or whatever I don't need to see photos of the insides people's mouths, showing me rows of rotten teeth!

And let's not forget about the ads that play sound and video. They are certainly some of the worst of the bunch.

Zichu1414d ago

I hate those... Ones that irritate me are something like:

"1 secret easy step to burning fat."

And they show a cartoon of a woman that's fat and then thin...

Godmars2901414d ago

Yaeh. You're reading an article, suddenly hear someone talking, find a video playing in a corner, stop or mute it, go back to reading but the video starts up again seconds later, you leave the site never to return.

But they still got you for a couple of commercials.

Hellsvacancy1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I don't want to see adverts, simple as that, if Adblock was available for Tvs or the cinema i'd get it in a heartbeat

"Adblock glasses, coming soon"

Tetsujin1414d ago

How about Adblock for real life?

If ads properly targeted the audience corresponding to the site/video itself the need for ad blocker(s) would be minimal. Like a lot of people mentioned it's stupid to watch a game video and some ad about weight loss appears; or a "how to" and some adult ad appears, extra credit if it appears while at work/school.

My ultimate hatred with ads is the loud ones that you can't mute without muting your pc/phone which then you can't hear the video you want to watch; or disrupts your reading and you have to keep adjusting the volume for other various purposes.

MoveTheGlow1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

It's also a result of the old "exposure" theories no longer working on the Internet. Companies removed a portion of their monetary support for banner ads when they realized they didn't work. This is why Facebook had such a hard time getting a high Initial Public Offering valuation from investors, too.

Adblock mostly removes the crap that doesn't work. Subscriber models (that we see on Twitch or Giantbomb, a CBS affiliate which GREW while Gamespot sank) seem to keep creative types alive these days, which to me is a bit of a small win for the little guy and the enthusiast gamer, even if benefits are tough to come by in the freelance world.

Also, the YouTube and Twitch crowds have pushed gaming outlets to stop banking on reviews, which don't really get read that much anymore, and Metacritic buried the regular review customer years ago. This is good for us - we're seeing amazing commentary on games now. Sure, it's later, because publishers aren't giving small-time reviewers an in, but who cares - day one purchases in the physical era were often made because a retailer would sell out. Now, unless you're falling for THEIR marketing hype or sequelitis, who cares? The digital era makes it so that day-two purchases are fine - no rare games, no sellouts. Plus, these reviewers hardly paid attention to indie games - something a site like Destructoid has done reasonably well. The era of "Should I buy this expensive game?" reviews keeping a company afloat is over.

With old-style reviews losing their clout, their place, and their relevance, as old-style advertisements fade out into obsolescence, while AAA games are few and far between, it's hardly AdBlock's fault that review sites are getting the chop.

MoveTheGlow1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Also, YouTube personalities get their news from the same place the big sites do - Twitter.

ramiuk11414d ago

i only started using adblock programs for this site,
taboola adverts are pathetic.

if the adverts wasnt so bad and intrusive peopel wouldnt need to block them

user14394141414d ago

Never heard of AdBlock but I am now going to use it.

ground_beef1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Well, ever since I got an iPad a year and a half ago, I have stopped using my laptop completely. Now whenever I surf websites using my iPad I get no ads or pop ups, only one site that gives me a headache when it comes to ads and navigation is gamingbolt.

As for youtube I use a youtube client app called mctube (there are countless others on the App Store for free) these utube apps offer you all the utube vids without ads, they also have great options like downloading and saving any utube video, as well as enabling all the videos to be played, unlike the original utube app where it tells u that some videos couldn't be played on ur device.

So all in all using my iPad negates the ad and pop up problem. Am sure any tablet would preform the same. I don't know why this is though, I guess most of these pop ups are designed to work on a pc/laptop os. I remeber when I was using my laptop I had a huge problem with ads/pop ups.

rainslacker1413d ago

It's rather funny this is coming from a gaming website. Instead of analyzing why people are using ad blocker causing layoffs, they blame the user who just got to a point where they felt it was necessary.

Also going to this site, there is more ad space than there is actual content being given in this story. The actual video isn't so bad though, and makes some valid points about what I guess I'll call "content theft" of smaller sites taking stories off bigger sites. We see a lot of those kinds of stories on here in fact.

I'm all for sites getting ad revenue. I understand the necessity of it to deliver content as it's not a charity. Same with TV. But I don't watch TV where they have 3-4 minutes of commercials for 5 minutes of content, and I don't visit sites where ads are simply out of control.

I don't use adblock, because I just avoid a site if I'm bombarded by ads. I don't even read the content. If the ads are non-intrusive, or better yet actually relevant to me, that site will make money off me, because I will continue to visit them and read their content, giving them ad revenue.

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1noobgamer1414d ago

You have valid points, RESPECT!

joel_c171414d ago ShowReplies(2)
Roccetarius1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I don't think Adblock is the problem here, but the sites themselves putting up school grade articles. A site like Gamespot largely lost a chunk of readers, because of their inclusive agenda, less informative articles and the redesigned site itself.

As far as ads go, i hate it when there's no skip option.

Eonjay1414d ago

If there is no chic3 for me to skip, I am instantly leaving your site. I will not be forced to ingest ads just to get at some second rate perspectives.

xilx1414d ago

Exactly. When the games media stops with the incessant clickbait/flamebait headlines, uninformative articles, "insider" rumors, and obsession with resolution and framerate, then I will start to feel bad about running adblock on their sites and maybe whitelist them. Until then, I'll gladly take an ad-free experience when slogging through the garbage to find a sentence here and there worth reading.

ifistbrowni1414d ago

The internet got too carried away with ads. Not many years ago, the internet was striving with minimal ads. Websites got too greedy and wanted to see how many ads they could throw on a single web page and get away with it (increasing their revenue)...

If the internet would go back to being how it was 5 years ago, i would gladly turn off my ad block. Advertisements are too rampant and annoying in "today's internet" so I'm happy to have Ad-block.

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