Let it Go: Why Halo Will Never Make its way to PC

8CN: Here we go again. With the latest announcement of the Halo Master Chief Collection coming to the Xbox One, rumors have started anew that we may be seeing this collection make its way to the PC. The latest is that a listing for the title on PC has shown up on Amazon UK. I think it's time that we all laid these hopes to rest, though, and recognized that Halo's never coming back to the PC.

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MrSwankSinatra1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I can see Microsoft putting Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo 2 Anniversaries on PC later down the line. It seems to be the trend these days of companies putting remastered versions of old PC games on Steam, but as far as games like Halo 3, 4 or 5: Guardians, I don't see that happening at all.

TomShoe1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Why only make you spend $60 on the game itself for PC when they can get you to burn $460 for an XBO + MCC + XBL as well?

ifistbrowni1590d ago

Halo 2 had already been on PC. So have other Microsoft exclusives like TitanFall and Gears of War (which offered an exclusive bonus mission)...

Saying that there is no way another Microsoft exclusive will make it's way to PC seems kind of baseless if you look at real facts.

ChronoJoe1590d ago

Titanfall and Gears of War were made by third party studios though, that's a big difference.

ChronoJoe1590d ago

It was a long time ago now, and the shift (ie, when they stopped pushing the Halo franchise over to PC after Halo 2) is most likely indicative of some form of concrete reasoning.

It is most likely the case that they want Halo to sell their system, and believe it would be less effective if available on PC. As they are selling the HD remasters again, on their console, it seems unlikely that they will be on PC as it reduces the incentive to purchase their hardware.

Muadiib1590d ago

And Gearbox are the ones that brought Halo 1 to the pc, what's your point?

ChronoJoe1588d ago

That the IPs I listed are crafted by third party studios. You stated that Gearbox ported Halo to PC, then the question is perhaps what is your point? How does that relate to this?

Undoubtedly if we did see something like Halo Aniversary on PC, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the port was outsourced to an external studio, but that after-the-fact decision doesn't influence whether it will be ported or not, in any way. So again, what is your point?

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greenyboi1590d ago

Halo may come to pc . But Microsoft and xbox need halo to be xbox one exclusive to try and move as many units as possible .

creatchee1590d ago

Exactly. I understand they can make some money by putting certain Xbox exclusives onto PC as well, but they also lose potential console purchases by people on the fence. They figure "well, I can get the PC version - I don't need an Xbox." Then you lose revenue from future game purchases, as well as a chance to make the Xbox ecosystem familiar enough to them to possibly make them want to buy the next console as well. A lot of number crunching would be involved to see if it really is beneficial or not to the bottom line in the long run.

FsterThnFTL1590d ago

I would rather have Gears of War 1-3 and Judgement Remastered on PC and Xbox One than Halo.

WeAreLegion1590d ago

I would, too. I still can't save the game on my PC copy of Gears of War. :/

TheWow1590d ago

The author bases the crux of his argument on the fact that MCC will be a system seller. Let's examine that a little more closely with what seems to be floating around right now. "secret timed exclusives". Essentially, these are marketed as console exclusives then sold on PC later down the line, You get the best of both worlds, as the game helps sell systems to customers who think it's only available on console, but then it allows the publisher to capitalise off of work already done by simply porting it to PC, which, while still hard to get right, is a lot easier than making a whole new game altogether.
result? system seller + profit from being sold on another platform.

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