Hyrule Warriors: Ganondorf Announcement and Great Sword Gameplay Trailer

Junkie Monkeys: Nintendo recently announced Ganondorf as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors during their recent Nintendo Direct. To add to the hype, a new gameplay trailer was released alongside the announcement.

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Metallox1475d ago

Ganondorf from TP + Demise = The most badass Ganondorf ever made.

Chrischi19881475d ago

Oh, now I have to get the game^^ I always wanted to play Ganondorf as badass as in this game... But what I dont understand is, why you fight with him against the evil guys... Hope that has some sense in the games story :)

maniacmayhem1475d ago

How cool would it have been if it was the pig Gannon from the first Zelsa ;)

ZeekQuattro1475d ago

It would of been cool but we'll probably have to settle for pig Gannondorf as a special.

BullyMangler1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

ganon . . the pig

not even Akuma will survive

only Link can slay that swine Ganondorf .

= not even Goku nor Mewto Nor the freaking H U L K . nor Mbyson . .. lol suPerman

only the Link can wield that blade, the Master Sword .

always lurking

always breathing .

G A N O N .

haha the Prince of Lies

nope1111475d ago

Goodness.... That glorious hair!

Spooney3231475d ago

Keeps getting better and better...

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