Check Out the Full Video for the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct

If you missed the Hyrule Warriors themed Nintendo Direct, here's the entire video showcasing all the info.

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Rimeskeem1470d ago

OMG this looks fantastic!

Chard1470d ago

I kind hope that electric guitar music isn't playing through the game all the time. It's not bad, but it kills any sense of danger you'd expect when fighting an army.

BlackWolf1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Actually, this kind of music is good for the genre, IMO. While playing DW 8, the music keeps me "energized", if we could say it like that. Fast paced, strong music are fitting for action based games, generally.

Chrischi19881470d ago

I never played a Dynasty Warriors before, so I dont know, what is exactly taken from it and what not, but I like the few Zelda elements. Seems like you do not only slash through stages, even if it is its main part.

RAFFwaff1470d ago

Demon King Ganondorf FTW!!!!