Nintendo Stockholders Expressing Concerns Over Struggling Profits

At the last stockholders' meeting, some investors expressed their concerns over Nintendo's abysmal economic performance. This article takes a brief look at what was said and Nintendo's response, asking if what Nintendo is doing will be sufficient to turn things around.

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Theyellowflash301445d ago

You're only about two months late with this troll bait article. LOL.

Looking at the crappy picture made in a minute or two with the default font.

This idiots aren't even trying anymore. Nothing to see here people move along. Just your regular late as hell clickbait

fr0sty1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Ever heard of the term "ad hominem"?

wonderfulmonkeyman1445d ago

Well, attacking the ridiculous points this late article tries to make is just as easy as attacking the way the article is presented and the trolls behind it, because both are just as pathetic, so he can't really lose this one no matter which he goes after.

Point is, it's click bait, and ad hominem attack or not, he's right that this should be ignored.

fr0sty1445d ago

Regardless, attacking the source without even mentioning the argument doesn't invalidate the argument. Nor does the argument being "late". I don't dispute the fact that it is a poorly written article on a site that looks thrown together, that the topic has probably been posted on here before and this article should have never been approved, but it always is good practice to counter the argument itself, then throw in any attacks on the source's credibility. People will take you more seriously.

MichaelZack1445d ago

If you look at the sources that I used... this information is only a week old, not "two months late"

Learn to read

ZeekQuattro1445d ago

The 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held June 27th. The official English translation of said meeting was released July 3rd. We are now in August. That's a little more than a week. lol Keep practicing.

polloloco1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Nintendo reported a quarter loss last week. What do you mean he is late. Stop damage controlling.

LOL_WUT1445d ago

Yup and this coincides with Nintendo upper management wanting to get rid of Iwata. Things aren't looking good for them ;)

Theyellowflash301445d ago

That was a rumor that isn't even possible in Japanese business structure.

LOL_WUT. Media manufactured Drama. Iwata was voted back in, Mangaement can't scheme a plan to get rid of him.

Nice troll try

3-4-51445d ago

Stockholders are the worst in a way.

They want want want want...and always need to be pleased, but they always put pressure on companies to make "money" decisions instead of gaming decisions.

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WeAreLegion1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Stockholders expressing concerns over struggling profits?!?



Unless you're making an exorbitant amount of money, stock holders will express concerns. They want to make money. That's why they bought stocks. Even if you are making money, it's probably not enough for them.

TekoIie1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Pretty sure I remember after the Xbox One Launch stockholders were calling for the Xbox division to be sold off. Worth pointing out that just because they're a stockholder doesnt actually mean they're correct about their concerns.

"There are a number of high-profile games coming soon, including Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors, and Legend of Zelda which have the possibility of motivating more gamers to purchase the Wii-U."

When we talk about Nintendo's financial situation people always forget about the 3DS. It's like me saying Sony is doomed because ofthe Vita.

The 3DS currently has the Pokemon R/S remake and SSMB4 on the way and at this point Pokemon is to big to fail... Soooo.

BTW I'm not accusing the author of doom and gloom. I'm just pointing out the lack of 3DS discussion in articles about Nintendo's financial situation.

Baccra171445d ago

Isn't this the same group that got tired of talking/hearing about videogames at meetings and instead wanted to hear about how to make money?

At this point does anybody care what a bunch of stockholders, that know nothing about what they are invested in, have to say?

joab7771445d ago

It's been awhile since they haven't been raking in money hand over fist. Who can blame them? They got used to it and have bills to pay.

wonderfulmonkeyman1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Pfft, this is supposed to worry people at this point?
At least one of the investors didn't even understand video games themselves, and was actually UPSET that they were being discussed in the last investor's meeting.[Nintendo gave that particular idiot the polite business speech version of "sit down and shut up, your opinion is stupid".XD]
Another wanted Nintendo to put Mario on phones so he could make people pay a micro-transaction to make Mario jump a little bit higher!XD

These idiots wouldn't know how to make Nintendo profit if they were given a "for dummies" guide on the subject.
They should just sit back and watch as Nintendo creeps their way back into profitability.

Oh, and I find it hilarious that these doom&gloom articles are suddenly becoming a concentrated attack both before and after a Direct on one of the most hotly anticipated collaborative titles for the system.

Seems to me there's a faction of haters out there running scared and doing anything they can to downplay/counter every bit of good Nintendo is bringing around.

Let 'em try; Nintendo will recover despite their desperate efforts to screw with the fanbase and Nintendo in general.
And the rest of us will just laugh at their trolling.XD

Chrischi19881445d ago

Exactly. I dont even understand, why Nintendo should put games on Smartphones... Isnt it Nintendos Handheld business, that is doing the best in the industry right now? Wouldnt it be stupid to let handhelds go and sell other, not as good quality, games on smartphones for around $3? Why do people always bring that up? Why doesnt Sony put their games on smartphones? Or MS? Because it doesnt make sense, especially for Nintendo. Their handheld business is the healthiest, why should they abandon that?

marloc_x1445d ago

Still in the black at least. The profit margin certain will grow..

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