Hyrule Warriors Direct Recap

Need to hear more about Hyrule Warriors? Here is everything you missed from the Hyrule Warriors Direct!

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Chupa-Chupa1506d ago

The game's graphics were dramatically improved.

TheVideoGamHer1506d ago

Yes! One of the first things I noticed!

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

Online wasn't confirmed or debunked; some think it's in Adventure Mode and hasn't yet been detailed.

Concertoine1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

That seems like something they would've brought up in a direct dedicated to the game, don't you think?

Moreover, i don't think it's something they would've gone out of their way to say they didn't include, so saying they didn't debunk it is not conclusive of its existence.

I think Tecmo figured Nintendo fans would appreciate a focus on local multiplayer rather than online because Nintendo does the same. An assumption a lot of companies have made, and one im getting sick of.

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

I'm not so quick to agree with that.
I mean, think about Mario Kart for a moment; despite the worries over voice chat, Nintendo still waited till the last minute to detail how that works when the world was assuming they wouldn't even include it into the game in any form.
I don't see why they wouldn't leave details about the online functions of Adventure mode for a later time; we've still got a couple of weeks to go for the Japanese version after all, and more news is sure to trickle in between now and when the game releases.

I'm not going to hold my breath over it, but I've seen stuff not talked about in Directs that has been mentioned afterwards before this point, so I don't want to assume Nintendo wouldn't pull that same stunt here until the game's out and we've got clear-cut info.

If it turns out it doesn't have online, though, consider me a participant in any rallying cry to patch that in.

Concertoine1506d ago

Certainly possible, i guess. But if online is a component of the game and they had this opportunity to expound on it (especially considering the recent debate about it) i don't see why they would refrain from mentioning it. They talked a ton about MK8's online in its direct and only when the no voice chat thing came up did they clarify there was limited voice chat.

I won't hold my breath either, but what a dumb decision to exclude it from the direct if it is in the game >_>

Deadpoolio1506d ago

So adventure mode is what they're calling Dynasty Warriors "story mode" now then?

I think some Zelda fans are going to have some hopes smashed when they actually spend money to figure out it's Dynasty Warriors: Zelda

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

No, Adventure Mode is like a "challenge" mode for the game where you complete extra stuff to earn weapons and characters that can't be earned anywhere else in the game.
The single player story mode[I think they'll go with calling it "campaign mode" or something] will be separate from that.

MSBAUSTX1506d ago

This Direct was awesome. I love that they gave Dynasty Warriors some quality LOZ content. It looks like this will be very fun. Finally be able to ravage enemies freely with gannon and link will be sweet.