Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode Detailed

Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode gets detailed in the latest Direct.

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N4g_null1300d ago

Adventure mode seems huge. One of the best directs I have seen.

MSBAUSTX1300d ago

It seems that Adventure modes size and ranging difficulty combined with the campaign and the fact that I am still trying to beat Wind Waker will be a lot of LOZ to tie me over to Zelda U

wonderfulmonkeyman1300d ago

The important point of Adventure Mode: You'll find secret characters and powerful new weapons there that you won't find in any other mode in the game.

So, yeah.
Play Adventure mode first thing, if the game lets you, and nab tons of powerful equipment to make your first romp through the campaign that much more enjoyable.^_-

TomahawkX1300d ago

Adventure Mode is going to be a blast! Really digging the 8bit theme, hopefully the 8bit music plays when you are viewing the map heh.

MSBAUSTX1300d ago

That Direct was amazing. Made me really happy that I chose to preorder this game after E3. I cant wait!