Call of Duty: Ghosts August 4 Update Notes, Now Live on PC and Xbox 360

MP1st - With the impending arrival of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Nemesis DLC only hours away for Xbox users, developer Infinity Ward is letting loose on details for the game’s latest update.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1592d ago

To truly appreciate this game you have to play the Wii U version.

ShaqSoda1592d ago

What time can we start downloading?

Ghost_Nappa1592d ago

Guess they never plan on fixing the performance issues on Xbox One caused by the Feburary patch.

Iamnemesis48801592d ago

Have not played this game since launch just this game has put me off the Call of duty games.

LonDonE1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

LOL It seems whenever i fire up this game their is a new update! why on earth have the developers not fixed the frame timing problem on PS4? this is just disgusting! my how the mighty have fallen!

I remember when infinity ward were regarded as one of best in the industry.
Now without Vince zampella and Jason west and the main team they are garbage.
What's worse is the new respawn team with Vince and gang are garbage too! since Titanfall on X1 has constant frame rate problems and screen tearing galore!

The frame rate problems on PS4 are terrible and it has screen tearing too, what's funny is that its not the frame rate dropping below 60fps it is actually because the PS4 is rendering the game at 90fps most of the time and since modern tvs are 60hz which out puts 60fps which is why the PS4 rendering above 60fps is messing up the frame timing and hence causing tearing and frame rate judder and stutters.

Digital Foundry:
"Taking the affected clips and running them through our performance analysis tools, we expected the results to show clear frame-rate drops and small bouts of tearing, but surprisingly this wasn't the case at all, with the results showing us a largely locked 60FPS bar one or two minor dips and a solitary torn frame.
Furthermore, when seeking through the footage in performance-affected areas we were confronted with unique frames on a consistent basis, thus indicating a 60fps update that we just didn't feel when playing the game.
So just what is going on? Well, a close look at our captures reveals that Call of Duty: Ghosts actually runs at higher frame-rates than 60fps on a fairly frequent basis, despite the video output being limited to 60Hz"

The worst bit is it almost always happens on the open castle map and its always when i am in the middle of a gunfight! they should of patched this issue yonks ago!

Funantic11592d ago

What in the world are you talking about? February patch? You must not have a X1.