No Man’s Sky PC Port will Hurt Sony

From the article, "As I stated back during E3 2014, the PS4 doesn’t have enough exclusives to justify the cost of entry right now. So many of its best titles are also coming to the Xbox One and PC as well. No Man’s Sky was one of the few games that I was regretting missing. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to hear there will be a PC port coming, as now I don’t have to plunk down for a PS4 to get it.

Therein lies the problem."

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randomass1711506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

It gives PC gamers less reason to own a PS4. Big deal. PS4 owners will still play the crap out of it with Project Morpheus most likely and it's still a console exclusive. If this hurts Sony at all, it won't be nearly as painful as the author wants me to believe.

Abash1506d ago

"No Man’s Sky PC Port will Hurt Sony"

Nope, if anything it's timed exclusivity only helps it and nothing else. People aren't buying PS4s like crazy for this game, we didn't even know if it'd be on PS4 officially till this passed E3.

While No Man's Sky may sell a good amount of PS4s when it's out, it sure as hell isn't going to hurt PS4 sales when it comes to PC.

Feralkitsune1506d ago

Yea, I doubt anyone would have purchased a PS4 just for this game and some VR headset that not many people have even used.

Also, this game was announced for PC before it was announced to be coming to PS4 so I'm really confused how people were so surprised that it's also on PC.

Majin-vegeta1506d ago

Too bad you're still gonna have to wait for it.

Letros1506d ago

No worries, there's stuff like H1Z1 to hold us over.

MysticStrummer1506d ago

Interesting that you'd mention a PC game that will be coming to PS4.

Eiffel1504d ago

@MysticStrummer Did you see what he did there?

Letros1504d ago

He's a bit slow Eiffel, excuse him.

MrSwankSinatra1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

How? PS4 is not competing with PC. PC gamers are not even the target audience for Sony. Anyone who is only a PC gamer is not going to buy a console regardless of how many exclusives it may have.

tee_bag2421506d ago

Not true. I'm primarily a PC gamer but have had every console up to this gen.
This is infact is 1 reason less to buy a PS4 for me.

MrSwankSinatra1506d ago

I said PC gamers who "only" own a PC. Those people are not going to go out and buy a console.

ger23961506d ago

Ok, but the article is about pc gamers who don't own home consoles. So that excludes you.

LAWSON721506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


I think what the above post is getting at is most people do not just game exclusively on PC and just like him I game on both. You seem to think most PC gamers are only PC gamers and I think you are mistaken. If the game is as great as it claimed to be it is certainly less of a reason to buy a PS4, though I personally think no PC gamers planned to buy the system solely for this one game let alone a last gen console owner. I think PS fanboys or simply PS4 owners are overstating the game, because I know absolutely anybody outside of game sites who have actually heard of it an dare hyping it up to the same degree

BitbyDeath1506d ago

It's indie, it should be on all systems anyway unless Sony throw in some really large bucks to the dev, all indie games should be multiplatform by default. They need the most support.

johndoe112111506d ago

Do you realize that the very nature of it being an indie game means it would be more difficult to make it a multiplatform game? Indie devs are limited by time and especially manpower. They do not always have the large resources to work on all platforms like an Activision or Ubisoft. That's why a lot of the time they only work on one or two platforms or they would work on one platform first and release on another later down the line. No man's sky was developed by four guys in a room, had they decided to work on multiple platforms the game would probably be released 4 years from now.

Spotie1506d ago

That doesn't make sense.

Part of the reason indies go to just one platform is because they can't afford to develop for multiple platforms at once. When a publisher or console maker gets involved, that's when you see the likes of Journey, Titanfall and No Man's Sky.

BitbyDeath1506d ago

Insert obligatory *where possible*

admiralvic1506d ago

" as now I don’t have to plunk down for a PS4 to get it. "

Is this demographic so large that it even matters? Like, I am certain some people are really excited for No Man's Sky and it certainly looks interesting to say the least, but I really can't imagine many people would say it's a game they would be willing to pay $400 to experience. Especially since most people agree that the concept that 1 game can sell a system is simply untrue. What typically happens is eventually some game will wear down someones resolve and they will pick up the system.

In any case, I imagine this will actually help Sony and really Hello Games in general. Since the game now has a wider market, it means that more sites will be covering and more people will be reading the news. Increased exposure will probably lead to more sales and ultimately more copies will sell regardless.

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