GameStop Pre-Order Trade-In Bonuses Might Die Off; Radical Changes Coming This Month

Mitch Walters of RGN writes "It appears GameStop is ushering in a new level of “power to the players” by revamping their trade-in offerings as well as renaming them in the terms they use while speaking to customers. From now on, GameStop employees will tell you “Cash isn’t the only way to pay for games, you know” and then proceed to ask you “When’s the last time we bought a game off of you or you sold a game to us?” in order to draw attention to the demographic that they claim does not know trade-ins exist (2/3 of GameStop customers according to internal documents leaked through mainstream media this evening)."

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dotwithshoes1590d ago

I wonder which employee of gamestop that writes for that website will get fired first.

3-4-51589d ago

Wait for their 50% trade in bonus deals and Trade your games THEN.

That is when you can actually rack up some store credit.

Dying_Jester1590d ago

Cash isn't the only way to pay for games, you know. You could in a kidney. It might be enough to get you one or two of the below $20 games...

sonarus1590d ago

i hate gamestop for their bullshit deals giving you $15 bucks for trade in then selling same title for 45.99 used on some bullshit. I can't trade a game there without feeling ripped off.

Chrisgamerguy1590d ago

Yeah well if they don't sell the game you still made $15 but they didn't get the $45 they wanted. When it's a more popular game that sells you will get more money

dotwithshoes1589d ago

Hell yeah man.. I mean, screw GameStop for being a business and wanting to make a profit. I mean, the people who work there no doubt work for free, the power company gives them electricity for free, the phone company gives them phone and internet service for free, and on top of that.. ON TOP OF THAT!! The building that store is in, yeah you guessed it.. free too. All free for GameStop because they are just there to rip you off.

It makes me wonder how many people(calling them morons would be an insult to morons) honestly believe that GameStop pockets 100% of the difference between the trade credit and the sale price.

PoodlePuncher1590d ago

That's unfortunate. Only time I trade in games at Gamestop is if they have decent promotions/bonuses. Otherwise, the amount they offer is an absolute joke.

arkard1590d ago

If you would have read, they are streamlining the service. Which allowed them to overall raise the amount of money they are buying games for. The only thing that will affect the price is if your a rewards member or not.

PoodlePuncher1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I did read it, great job jumping to conclusions. They are raising prices by 20% but getting rid of the bonus offers they usually have, which is usually quite a bit more than 20% and is what I was talking about. A 20% increase, like the article said, isn't very significant. The bonus offers are. Did YOU read the article?

neocores1590d ago

So true I can't afford many games but when they offer a good promo I will make my way over other then that no ty

matrixman921590d ago

The deal they had for trading in the last of us ps3 for 25 off of the ps4 version was genius. They probably got a lot more sales just by doing that. It would be dumb to get rid of bonuses like that

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