Several Items Leaked for Upcoming Dark Souls II “Crown of the Old Iron King” DLC

Junkie Monkeys: Dark Souls II’s second DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King, releases later this month. With that said, players have already managed to find several items from said DLC by digging into the current game.

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saint_seya1569d ago

I dont see the point of spoiling the game...
I wont look at them untill i can actually get to play this section of the dlc. The first part was good, bit short but was good, hope this one is like that but a bit longer.

JackBNimble1569d ago

both DLC's should have been together for one price. Selling 2 dlc packs this close together for $10 a pop is looking like a money grab (IMO).

thehobbyist1569d ago

Except that the Crown of the Sunken King DLC was actually worth $10. This ain't just some shitty $10 for a map pack DLC. There's story-relevant, gameplay relevant and multiplayer relevant content in the DLC. Cashgrab or no, it's still damn good content that's far more worth than other $10 DLC's

saint_seya1569d ago

Well i bought the season pass for 25$, so was 7,33$ for me..

ifrit_caress1569d ago

I'll buy the game when it features everything, all the DLC. There's no way I'm buying a piece of the game now.

LAWSON721568d ago

I am not buying the DLC until all of them are out.