(Canada) Target Offers Insane Sale- Many Games $10.00

Big name games get deep price cuts at Canadian Target stores. Many of the hottest titles are currently selling for $10.00.

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Fullmetalevolust1590d ago

Those are some incredible games, I would walk away with at least 5 games easy for 10 bucks each.
Lucky canadians!

TomShoe1589d ago

Only in Canada.


kevnb1590d ago

Was going to get last of us for my friend who hasn't played it, too bad I was too late.

Bonkerz1590d ago

Damn Target has been seriously pumping out the deals for gamers this generation. They have literally been the best place to buy if you are a gamer.

BattleAxe1590d ago

I'll be heading down there tomorrow.

BattleAxe1589d ago

You're right, I went down to a Target store close to my place after work today, and they were pretty much cleaned out. I'm sure that they only put items on sale for which they had very low stock. Not much of a sale if you ask me.

MaxKruger1590d ago

Not to be a negative nancy but this was on RFD a couple of days ago - my point is that hoarders have most likely picked up the games you actually wanted. It never hurts to check out your local Target but don't get your hopes up.

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The story is too old to be commented.