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(Canada) Target Offers Insane Sale- Many Games $10.00

Big name games get deep price cuts at Canadian Target stores. Many of the hottest titles are currently selling for $10.00. (3DS, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Grand Theft Auto V, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Fullmetalevolust  +   360d ago
Those are some incredible games, I would walk away with at least 5 games easy for 10 bucks each.
Lucky canadians!
TomShoe  +   359d ago
Only in Canada.

kevnb  +   360d ago
Was going to get last of us for my friend who hasn't played it, too bad I was too late.
Bonkerz  +   360d ago
Damn Target has been seriously pumping out the deals for gamers this generation. They have literally been the best place to buy if you are a gamer.
BattleAxe  +   360d ago
I'll be heading down there tomorrow.
frankiebeans  +   359d ago
you are already too late
BattleAxe  +   359d ago
You're right, I went down to a Target store close to my place after work today, and they were pretty much cleaned out. I'm sure that they only put items on sale for which they had very low stock. Not much of a sale if you ask me.
MaxKruger  +   360d ago
Not to be a negative nancy but this was on RFD a couple of days ago - my point is that hoarders have most likely picked up the games you actually wanted. It never hurts to check out your local Target but don't get your hopes up.
TomahawkX  +   360d ago
yup, i grabbed Gran Turismo 6, God of War Ascension, and Beyond 2 Souls for $10 each.
brightlight  +   360d ago
Is this for real??
HyperBear  +   360d ago
Hell yeah it's for real!! I couldn't believe it myself, but I was in Target yesterday and I bought 3 Xbox One Games (Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 for $10/each and Ryse was $15). That's 3 Brand New Games, even though they were all launch titles, for $35...and I don't even own an Xbox One yet! :D

It's too bad my Target only had 3 PS4 games on sale though, and 2 of them were Madden 14 and NBA 2K14 for $10/ea. And the other one was Knack for $10, but it was sold out, plus I already own it. So it was a bummer there weren't more PS4 titles for sale, but got some great deals for my Xbox One that I'll be getting in October/November! :D
sanosukegtr123  +   360d ago
Deadpool616  +   360d ago
$10 for Beyond: Two Souls. That's about the price of a movie ticket. It's the right price for this "game".
SolidGear3  +   360d ago
I spent $60 on the steelbook edition on launch day :3
Deadpool616  +   360d ago
As long as you got everything you wanted out of it. It was the perfect rental game for me.
ground_beef  +   359d ago
Best comment of the year so far loool, hate those freakin quick time movies or as u said "games" lool
cellur111  +   360d ago
Wow id be buying everything. Those are some amazing deals.
NotAfanBoyy   360d ago | Trolling | show
PickAShoe  +   360d ago
I am jelly
ground_beef  +   359d ago
I like you jelly, do you come with fruit bits ?
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gprime  +   359d ago
My local target was completely picked over for the good games, but I managed to get the last Wii U Pro Controller for $10
BaconBits  +   354d ago
I went today and pretty much all the $10 games where gone. Clerk came up to me and said they can give me a rain check for the games I want. so now I have a rain check for Wonderful 101 and Black flag - $10 each. Nice! I was quite surprised they would give rain checks for this sale and I almost think the guy was not supposed to but I've got the slips with his name and signature so I will fight for it if I have too :)
TXIDarkAvenger  +   359d ago
Really needed to grow my 3DS and PS3 collection, definitely check this out.
frankiebeans  +   359d ago
would have bought 15 games from the list even though I probably wont play all of them
cubize  +   359d ago
Well it seems that the Targets in the Ottawa region are not doing this sale. I went to take a look and only Just Dance 2014 was on sale for 10$. Very disappointing as I was hoping to pick up The Wonderful 101. :'(

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