Bioshock iOS could change the face of Mobile Gaming

From GamesReviews:

"The announcement that the original Bioshock would be coming to iOS was met with mixed reaction - people either hated it or wondered why it wasn't coming to Vita (although the answer is obvious: nothing is coming to Vita). It's such an odd reveal, one that nobody asked for and that few people can get their head around. Hardcore, premium priced mobile games can work, XCOM proved that, but Bioshock isn't a turn-based strategy game, it's an action heavy shooter. The truth is, the team porting the title have everything to prove and not much in the way of fan confidence, but, if they can pull it off, they might just change the face of the entire mobile industry."

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ThatEnglishDude1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I believe with the ports of games like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, and now Bioshock - that developers are missing the point, and by extension, the entire ethos of mobile gaming. So with that said, I must disagree with the question this article puts forward.

Bioshock isn't exactly the kind of game designed to pick up for 10 minutes or so at a time. A mobile platform, unless it's a dedicated device like the PlayStation Vita, should stick to games that suit the devices purpose.

Don't misunderstand me - it's an incredible achievement, technically speaking, much like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was. I mean, a whole open world game on a handheld device is impressive. That said, everybody who wanted to play it would have already, and they would have played it on a platform more suited for this kind of game. The same goes for Bioshock. Unless you're using a controller (which I sincerely doubt the majority of people do) then I just don't see the point. Those who DO use controllers are also likely to own another means of playing the game. So at the end of the day, I just can't see who the demographic for this game is. Just seems like a waste of resources to me, and this is someone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The only port I've found so far that seems to work and play nicely on my tablet is VVVVVV. It's simple controls make the transition effortless. Trying to play GTA or Max Payne on the device, without a controller, is just not practical. Games with advanced mechanics such as this NEED a controller, or some other method of interaction besides touching. It doesn't work, and anyone who says it does I can't help but feel is deluding themselves into justifying their purchase. The only thing that can be said for this release is that you can go to your friends and say "I can play Bioshock on my phone/iPad" and if that means a lot to you, then fair enough. But the novelty will VERY quickly wear off and leave you wishing you were playing the high definition version on your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Square Enix had the right idea when they made Hitman for mobile devices. Instead of trying to desperately port one of the games from the main series, they designed a totally new game from the ground up, designed to be played on mobile devices.

I'm not knocking the technical aspect of this release, merely questioning the purpose and demographic.

joab7771566d ago

No offense, I get ur point but I think u r missing the big picture...changing the mobile industry.

Imagine 5-10 yr from now when phones and tablets become 1, when everything u own is completely integrated. U can access ur tv, pc, home devices, everything from ur phone. Also, maybe all your gaming needs. A quick switch from TV to phone to play the same game. Releases coming digitally. U buy it once and can play it anywhere at any time.

It gonna get nuts...not that the s5 in my hands wouldn't have made my 10 yr younger self fall to the floor in awe.

Soldierone1566d ago

Sorry, but not really. This game will probably run more than 10 dollars and I'm not interested in spending that much on my phone/tablet (unless it's a good book) Plus when I pull out my phone, I'm wasting time. I scroll over real fast, press an icon for a game, and play right then and there for a minute or two before I slide the phone back into my pocket.

I have games like GTA on my phone and tablet and I never touch them. At all.

Plus why is this hitting tablets but not Vita? It'd make a whole lot more sense. Besides the fact it has an actual controller, I reach for my Vita to spend a little more time than my phone.

OrangePowerz1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Let's have a look of who buys mobile games. People that want to play a quick round of something on the bus or train. While technically it's an achievement to bring Bioshock to iPhone all I can do is think of one quote from Jurassic Park: "They were so preoccupied with whether they could do it they didn't stop to think if they should do it".

Who is going to play 5 minutes here and there Bioshock? People who want to play Bioshock have much easier and better ways to play it on consoles or PC. No matter how much the developer will put into the port touch controls are horrid.

ScottyHoss1566d ago

Agreed, especially the touch controls. The only place this could find merit is if it were through PSnow like they said they would (allowing for DS3 use), and if PSnow didn't cost a leg and a half.

thatbasedgamer19901566d ago

This will control like CRAP on mobile. Using touchscreen controls for a FPS game will be extremely annoying. Why couldn't these idiots just bring this to the vita too? I bought Vice City for my Note 2, which was my only purchase and couldn't get past the first mission due to the terrible and horrendous controls!

porkChop1566d ago

The fact that it isn't coming to Vita is ridiculous. Vita owners were promised a BioShock game, so if you're doing a mobile port anyway then not bringing it to Vita just doesn't make any sense.