5 Insane Video Game Rumors People Actually Believed

The gaming community is home to some of the weirdest myths and legends. It shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how “interactive media” and “active imagination” tend to go hand in hand. Indeed, you don’t have to dig very deep to find convoluted secrets, haunted game cartridges, and everything in between.

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SpiralTear1301d ago

I totally remember the Pokemon one. I fell for it, I admit.

The first thing I thought of after reading the headline was when Nintendo Power made an April Fools' joke about unlocking Sonic and Tails in SSB: Melee...and everyone believed it. It was something like defeating 50 wireframes in Cruel Melee. Talk about a sick joke.

XisThatKid1300d ago

Omfg i remember that crap! I figured it was BS but reasonable doubt and all whooped our butts until I finally did it after about 2hrs of cruelty only getting 18 KOs. Blamming nonsense. :Œ