Crash Bandicoot Overdue for Return to Consoles

"When Andrew House was asked about the subject, it sounded as if Sony was talking about a possibility. However, the possibility did not sound definitive. The early Crash Bandicoot games were classics for the PlayStation console. The games developed by Naughty Dog were among my personal favorites, and in my opinion the best in the series." |

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Relientk771174d ago

We need to see the return of Crash Bandicoot

Abash1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I feel a new MediEvil is also long overdue, and Sony still holds the rights to the series unlike Crash. Honestly the PS4 is the ideal console to bring back some of their most beloved PSOne series.

scark921174d ago

Yeah defo! I only had MediEvil 1 but it was great!

Relientk771174d ago

They really need to bring back these PS1 classics for PS4

Kavorklestein1173d ago

I concur. I also really liked Tomba! and Ape Escape, Dino Crisis, and Jet Moto.

TheGrimReaper00111173d ago


Ah, it warms my heart to know that people still remember Tomba! That game was awesome! :D (didn't like the second so much though)

Sony has a buttload of great IP's from the past that they could bring back on the PS4

- (buy back) crash Bandicoot
- (buy back) Spyro the Dragon
- Parapa the Rapper
- Tomba
- WipeOut (k, not that overdue, but I want a ps4 version :p)
- MediEvil
- Gex
- Twisted Metal
- Suikoden
- Ape escape

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spacedelete1173d ago

i still don't understand how there isn't a PS1 emulator on the PS4. even my outdated cellphone has a PS1 emulator which plays almost every PS1 game.

Kavorklestein1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Well duh! Haven't you figured this out yet? They want you to pay 2.99 for 4 hours with PS Now, they aren't just gonna give you an emulator, they don't CARE if you own the old discs, they wanna STREAM you games you have already played and beaten 10 times for: an "adventure time in an extortionist's dreamland" prices

Emanno1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Crash for PS Vita. I want my childhood back.

BiggerBoss1174d ago

I've been saying this for forever. Vita sales could potentially explode with some good Crash platformers and kart racers

GdaTyler1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

The only problem with that is...Sony doesn't care about Vita. They would likely just put it on PS4. I love my Vita though, but I hope it gets more love at Gamescom and TGS. :(

BiggerBoss1174d ago

If and when a new Crash is made, it needs to have the same essential gameplay as the original naughty dog games (boxes, wumpa fruit, mini games). I played this one game on ps2 (crash of titans I think?) and it was just terrible

scark921174d ago

I remember Crash Twinsanity being pretty ok, but I spose that was not ND.. leave it to Naughty Dog to make a good one onwards hopefully, hope they get the rights back!

BiggerBoss1174d ago

I never played twinsanity, but everyone I've seen mention it says it was pretty good

Deadpoolio1173d ago

Twinsanity was made by Travler's Tale...I believe Crash Team Racing was the last game Naughty dog worked on before leaving Universal interactive

The_Infected1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I agree. Crash was one of my favorite games. I think Sony is going to surprise everyone one day and say it's already in development and show a possible teaser.

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