Stylish PS4 Stands Made With Real Cypress Wood Debuting at Tokyo Game Show

Remember those classy PS4 covers made of thin layers of real wood DualShockers reported about a few months ago? They’re going to find their match at Tokyo Game Show in September, where the Japanese manufacturers Answers and Frontier Japan will introduce their new collaboration, in the form of PS4 stands made with genuine Japanese cypress wood.

In addition to that 3DS compatible pens are also going to be presented.

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ThunderPulse1593d ago

Those wood stands don't look that great.

kneon1593d ago

Looks like a high school shop project, I was expecting something that actually looked good.

Elimin81593d ago

Wow. Seriously, I can make that..

rainslacker1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

As a woodworker, I can say this project would get a fail in any shop class beyond basic, and if I did this kind of work I would promptly throw it in the waste bin and not show it to anyone.

The grains don't match, line up, nor compliment or contrast each other. It uses different grades of plank glued together. No beveled or rounded edges. No stain or lacquer. Improper sanding in the groove where the PS4 sits. No lines that compliment the PS4's sleek look.

These could be manufactured in bulk for less than 1 cents a piece. I could make something better in a couple hours(minus the staining).

On a side note, Maple or Enony would look much nicer if it's not going to be stained.

Also the stylus' are pretty decent, but could be made with a dowel rod, a pencil sharpener, a piece of fine grade sandpaper, and a few stylus parts glued on(or drilled in if one is so inclined).

Edit: After thinking about it, I have some free time this week. Perhaps I'll make something nice and see if I can post the pics somewhere.:)

BiggerBoss1593d ago

They should've stained the wood at least, that looks like something I could make in a wood shop class

0P-Tigrex1593d ago

You could get a wood style decal to match it. Possibly use a similar finish to the stand. It's a cool idea.

aragon1593d ago

stylish? stop dissing ps4 accessories dualshockers lol

smellslikeralph1593d ago

Looks crappy does not accent the ps4 well

TomRL1593d ago

Are people actually moaning about indies on PS4? The best thing to happen to this industry in a long time?

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The story is too old to be commented.