NHL 15 Ratings: Goalies

GoodGameBro writes, "Today, EA SPORTS began the process of releasing ratings for players in this year’s NHL 15 by starting with the Top 5 Goalies of NHL 15. Read on to find out which netminders are rated the best, take a look at their statistical highlights from last season, and see a new screenshot of them in the game!"

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TyBREAKR1476d ago

Pretty accurate list I must say.

YourGreatUncle1476d ago

Hopefully the ratings will actually matter. Lundqvist, Rask, and Quick were pretty terrible in 14. Left in softies left and right at least in HuT. While Lehtonen, Howard, and Luongo would let in 1 or 2 tops a game.

SuperBlur1476d ago

The Price is "NOT" right ! Should be higher :D