Everything You Need to Know About Destiny-Takuchat

“The stories tell of a golden age long ago, when our civilization spanned the system. It was a bright and hopeful time. But it didn’t last.”-Takuchat

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KingKelloggTheWH1594d ago

Really can't get this game soon enough, the beta was a blast and pretty awesome to explore!

phantomlink1594d ago

Hopefully level 10-20 will take longer then 1-8 ( or 3-9 from the Alpha ) did

KingKelloggTheWH1594d ago

Didn't Bungie say it was sped up for the Beta/Alpha?

Patricko1594d ago

Alpha also had 8 level cap, not 9 :)

thejigisup1594d ago

It will most definitely take longer to level in the later levels

N4Flamers1594d ago

They've said leveling was sped up by 3 times for beta and alpha.

OrangePowerz1594d ago

I can't think of any game where you needed the same amount of XP to get higher levels as you needed for the lower levels.

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Dynasty20211594d ago

It's not everything we know.

I want to know what end-game stuff there is. More to the point, why we have it.

It's all about getting better gear and making your guy more powerful...for what?

PVP is balanced. Raids? Well only around 10% of people will even be able to play them let alone beat them, what with the retarded friends requirement.

I just don't see a point.

If you level up fast, you need content and a purpose. It's why Diablo 3 failed.

So we're grinding the same content, to getter better gear, to grind the same content faster?

Come on.