Metal Gear Online Requires Update

Anyone familiar with the MGO Beta will know what a pain the title updates are. Well, rejoice, as the full retail version won't start without you downloading and installing version 1.01, which is now available when you start the Online mode.

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Clinton5143813d ago

What exactly are you talking about? This isn't the first time we've seen games launch with update requirements. In fact many games with online play period do the same.

On the same note, I've never had an issue with GT5's update either. Fast and painless.

bumnut3813d ago

i found gt5p update very slow and very painfull.

it took me about 5 attempts to update it, i kept getting error messages.

skynidas3813d ago

Well, maybe your connection sucks

Shadow Flare3813d ago

I must admit i hate installing updates, or games or any of that crap. I know the end result is worth it but its so long. The MGO beta update, lol, wow. About 4 hours it took me?

The thing that hacks me off though is, for instance, i bought GT5P on bluray to save hard drive space (and also cos i wanted the best least compressed quality available as opposed to downloading from psn), but even when you buy the bluray disc, you still have to install part of the game which takes up like 2 gig or something. I mean what is the point i might aswell just download it from psn. I wish ps3 games were more like Uncharted, ZERO loadtimes, ZERO installs.

CrashSharc3813d ago

I'm backing bumnut on this one. I found it pretty annoying too. But it *only* took my 3 attempts... but still...

xhairs3813d ago

The beta update was a multitude of problems that's why it took 4 hours. The highest anticipated PS3 game of all time man, you saw what happened to Konami's website. What makes you think their update wouldn't have the same problem? Sure P2P was a good way to do things but even at that you can't rely on other people's connection's to be as say, good as yours?

4 hours, quite a bore, however that's the point of the beta is to get the kinks out for the final release. Get over it. The final release should not be a problem considering those who had the beta have their id's and everything they need besides this one update. Those who didn't do the beta still shouldn't have a problem because now Konami isn't being flooded.

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LSDARBY3813d ago

The problem is that on the beta the updates took forever to download. If theyre quicker on the retail version then there is no problem. Not for me anyway.

Acidicpack3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

are people just trying to find things to bring down the greatness that is MGS4. Oooo we cant say this in the Review. Oooo this game is great the fans will love it but its not going to bring new peeps to the game cause of its Story. OMG A 90 MIN CUT SEEN. Christ its MGS Of course there will be cut seens and if there 90 min long all the better =)

Just stop the hate this is the game I and so many others have been waiting for since the end of MGS2.

Go pick on a game that Deserves to be picked on like Hour of Victory or Lair.

And yes I will be fine setting through a up date as if that was ever going to be a problem.

nofilter3813d ago

Obviously you weren't in the Beta. The updates were horrific. Yes, this one is slightly better, but it should have been already on the disk.

No MGS4 hating here, get off your high horse.

Acidicpack3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I did play the Beta and loved it. The updates where not bad at all. No high horse here bub. I love MG and MGS and have been a fan since the old NES days. I'm just getting sick of hearing Peeps bashing it When a Game like GTA4 gets 10/10 from almost every gaming sight and is flawed and they bring up crap like this to bi%$h about thats all.

Altis13813d ago

You actually liked the beta? Gameplay and updates were far too slow for my liking.

Anyway I guess Kojima had to include MGO on the disc since the campaign is only 5-6 hours.

cellypower3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

you beat the game in 5 to 6 hours? You should have a world record or something. \sarcasm

Greysturm3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

A) Gameplay 15 to 20 hours
B) MGO is not a run and gun shooter so the pace is obviously slower
C) I too didnt have problem with the updates but if its a matter of time just leave your ps3 up at night if you keep getting error messages then contact konami.

i love how every other big game has been cut slack this generation but come mgs every little detail must be nagged about and if you dont remeber...

A) Gears... Crap story(telling) and issues in multiplayer
B) Halo... Short campaign, mediocre storytelling and development (i wonder why they didnt review the multiplayer separately like mgo... oh right then it would get 8 and 7s)
C) Mass effect... lots of graphical issues
D) SMB... Bad online play and repetitive gameplay
E) Assasins creed... repetitive gameplay and graphics issues
F) GTA... Graphics issues, repetitive gameplay and really awfull character development beyond Niko.

etc etc...

Altis13813d ago

Actually the 5-6 hours for gameplay is stated in the stratey guide and is a requirement for something just in case you think I am making it up you idiots. Get your facts straight.

Greysturm3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Will believe you over reviewers.../sarcasm off

Especially with troll comments like the one you made in the next post. If you mean speedrunning through the game then its possible to do it in under 5 hours just like you can speedrun most games in a third of their usual gamelength but without a strategy guide on the highest level difficulty i really doubt you can pull it off for the first 3 times through.

xhairs3813d ago

The update was to make way for Sony's in-game xmb features/home/trophies etc. etc. Not to mention that it was stated about the space on the Blu-Ray and it's packed full so much the audio had to be compressed lower than Kojima wanted.

The downloads shouldn't be a problem for anyone now, lets just play the damn game!! PS What online game doesn't require an update out of the case? Hell, it took CoD4 almost 6 updates to get it working right, I'll be damned if you start blaming a game packed so tight into a CD before putting the blame on a horrible port which has much more potential left to fill.

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Mr_Showtime13813d ago

Why do they need an update for a game that hasnt been released? why not include it on the disk, not that it's a bother to me because they downloads go pretty fast.

Qbanboi3813d ago

Idk, maybe because Kojima fill up the 50Gb on the Blu-ray, just MAYBE.

Altis13813d ago

He filled it up with videos.

3813d ago
xhairs3813d ago

Videos? It's called a story line. The fact that you had to buy the player's guide is simply your choice yes, but for those of us who actually enjoy games, we'll love it. You say 5 - 6 hours, but how is that at all enjoying the game? I don't see it happening, you should have just saved your money and went back to CoD4 / Halo 3 since it's obviously where you prefer the, "faster online gameplay". This is stealth, it's meant to be thought-out, not simply run in, blow stuff up, die / rinse repeat.

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