Nintendo’s online progress takes a step back with Hyrule Warriors

By Mike Minoti "We hope you weren’t hoping for cooperative Zelda action with anyone further than a few feet away from you.

Nintendo revealed that Hyrule Warriors, the Dynasty Warriors-flavored Legend of Zelda spin-off coming to the Wii U on Sep. 16, won’t feature online play"

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randomass1711593d ago

Anyone else think it's weird that Bayonetta 2 has online coop but not this game?

lilbroRx1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Well one reason could be that this wasn't decided by Nintendo, but by Tecmo-Koei who are actually making the game and announced that it wouldn't be online themselves through their own channels which is contrary to what this article and articles like this are writing for hits.

Tecmo-Koei, the actual developer, isn't a convenient buzz making target, though, so, they make it an issue with Nintendo like always.

I also just wanted to point out that this article was okayed in less than 20 mintues while there are Nintendo related articles from a day ago that havn't gotten a single approval. That's how much people love to see negative news about Nintendo on this site.

randomass1711593d ago

Like I told you before Nintendo SPD is a developer on the game, but I agree that they didn't make the choice since Tecmo Koei are leading the project. It's a little weird that only negative news seems to be coming out this week but I think every company has one of those.

Darkstares1593d ago

From the article,
"This is a weird move, notably because previous Dynasty Warriors games on non-Nintendo console have featured online support."

Do you honestly think if this game was coming to the PS4 and XB1 they would leave out online? Nintendo is the crux behind such prehistoric times.

lilbroRx1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Saying Nintendo SPD is also listed as a developer doesn't mean anything without saying exactly what they are doing, which is more than likely nothing that is pertinent to this issue.

Bigduo says is best below. This decision had 0% to do with Nintendo's personal desires. It was up to what the developer wanted to include and support. Apparently Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Cross don't exist. It has to be that Nintendo has some sentiment against online like this article is portraying. /sarcasm

saviin1593d ago

You can play bayonetta 2's story mode in co-op, I thought it just had an online competitive mode

awesomeabe19981593d ago

Wow some people should do research before talking about certain topics. Hyrule Warriors is developed by Tecmo Koei. It is up to them whether to incorporate online play or not.

Dunban671593d ago

Few companies control thier platforms, IP and games like Nintendo- if anyone does not think the online decision was ultimately up to Nintendo they are either delusional or naieve (sp)

Nintendo is driving the Hurule Warriors train - it has one of its biggest names on the cover and title - if Nintendo wanted online multi player it would be there

eaise1593d ago

So i guess whoever wrote this article decided to ignore the statement that talked about the different online features for Hyrule Warrior. Including a multiplayer mode called adventure mode.
This is just a Nintendo bashing clickbait article. Nothing to read here. Move along

Theyellowflash301593d ago

This article is pre-mature and clickbait.

Nintendo never said Hyrule Warriors won't have online play.

The Japanese Twitter account for the game, which is ran by Koei Tecmo said the game doesn't feature "online-co-op" They never said the game doesn't have "online play"

On top of that, its up to the developer if a game has online play. Koei Tecmo is the developer, not Nintendo.

Just like it was Platinum Games' choice to put online co-op in Bayonetta 2.

Trollbait writer, inaccurate information.....

Summons751593d ago

I think all games should have an Off-TV play option, I'm nearly caught up on Legend of Korra because I've been watching that while playing Shovel Knight or one of the Zelda games.

Miiverse is alright but the only game I actually like it in is Wind Waker HD. That's very unique and really fun to see what people have to say or show.

ZeekQuattro1593d ago

Can't wait for the Direct tonight. Still people will probably find a way to say Hyrule Warriors has no online. Lmao

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