PlayStation Games We Are Excited To Play This Week 8/5/2014

This upcoming week on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita marks the release of some exciting new puzzle focused games like the Road Not Taken and the soul transferring sci-fi adventure, The Swapper.

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lisamorgan41475d ago

Really looking forward to the Swapper, played it at a friends PC once, glad to see it coming to PS4.

EdnaJones971475d ago

These are the sort of games you play as downtime between, COD or Battlefield just to change up the pace a little. Looking forward to Ultra Street Fighter 4, though I think I have played every street fighter there is.

alvinmiller921475d ago

Speaking of Street Fighter does anyone still know if Virgin and Capcom are doing that online betting competition with real money? Wasn't mean to be introduced with Ultra SF 4?

charliewong9801475d ago

Sony come on is it too much to ask for more Triple AAA games with nearly a year into the PS4!! I am so bored of these types of games. September 9th can't come quick enough.

henrythomas2841475d ago

All you fan boys do is complain. A game is always about graphics.

Road Not Taken looks very interesting and innovative.

Paprika1475d ago

Who mentioned graphics?... people are just asking for some bigger profile games, that's all! Also, if 999 people of 1000 are happy, but 1 isn't, that person can complain if they are paying for the service. However, most ps4 owners are asking for more from PS plus.... so Ithink September or by the very latest, November, we will get a big title!

OUROSMAG1475d ago

And exactly which AAA title would you like them to put up for free 9 months into a brand new consoles life span?

Paul_JC1475d ago

Fez looks interesting. But yea, pretty much just a time killer until Destiny.

RantandRave1475d ago

Pure pool would have been a nice addition to the list. It is an awesome game and nicely priced as well.

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