Xbox One bundles for Sunset Overdrive and Madden NFL 15 are on the way

Polygon :
"Microsoft is bundling at least two major upcoming titles with Xbox One consoles this year: EA Tiburon's Madden NFL 15 and Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive, a company spokesperson told Polygon during a press event last week.

The Madden 15 bundle will feature a standard Xbox One unit sans Kinect, along with a download code for a copy of the game, for $399. That's the regular price of a Kinect-free Xbox One, so buyers would be getting Madden 15 for no additional cost. Madden 15 is set for release Aug. 26, and the bundle will be available then as well. The package will also include three Pro Packs for Madden Ultimate Team."

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HollywoodLA1471d ago

What a surprise lol... an NFL bundle. Isn't xbox the nfl console? I seem to remember seeing a failed ad campaign for that a few months back in the states? Oh, and the Fifa promotion in EU? How'd that go?

Insomniac catching shit early this gen as well. Console exclusivity on a trailing platform. ..Good call!

Alabamarolltide19901471d ago

Not sure what you're trying to say but okay

gamerfan09091471d ago

He's a Sony neckbeard troll. Don't bother.

sonarus1471d ago

lol @ neckbeard troll. great to see microsoft be more aggressive.

uptownsoul1471d ago

Well lets be honest Insomiac penned that deal before either platform released…I'm sure they didn't think the Xbox One would be that far behind the PS4.

4Sh0w1471d ago

I don't get your point microsoft has on going deals with the NFL for X1 and Surface Tablets so a deal to bring a Madden bundle also makes sense.

Also console exclusives happen every gen throughout the life cycle regardless of which platform has sold more, look at wii last gen as the biggest example, in other words its called a business deal and micro has deep pockets to finance more of them than both sony and nintendo combined. In this case I don't think micro even needed to reach too deep since Insomniac were motivated by keeping exclusive rights to their IP.

Finally a exclusive deal from its inception begins with the idea from the devs perspective that you are purposely limiting your potential market but thats exactly why you get compensation upfront and let's not forget that it's cheaper and helpful to the dev process for 1 platform vs multi. Also given that X1 exclusives have sold as well or better than ps4 exclusives I'm pretty sure Insomniac will be happy as long as that trend continues.

So basically everything you said is BS.

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shadyiswin1471d ago

I'm sure insomniac are being well payed for there decision to go with Xbox one. Sony obviously would not let them keep their rights to their IP so really it was a no brainer to choose the console with the best games.

uptownsoul1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Even though Microsoft obviously paid Insomniac handsomely, the question is: Will Microsoft's investment make up for the money they could have made selling on multiple platforms?

I agree about the rights to own their own IP…BUT "no brainer to choose the console with the best games"? Since when did 3rd party developers decide on possible exclusivity based on the other games on a particular platform?

christocolus1471d ago


Take it easy dude..its just a games console. I wonder how you handle personal stuff though?

hello121471d ago

Whats sad you guys spend more time on here commenting on x box news articles than PS4 news.

You guys most be bored? I rarely comment on PS4 news maybe once a day or once in two days. Don't feel the need to.

You guys need to grow up. I prefer to play the console with the mature kids.

ScorpiusX1471d ago

Actually the exclusive game contract was already in place well before that BS excuse of trailing or even before it happen. So do the world a favor and shhhhhhhhh

imt5581471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

NTKRNL the legend

White Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive leaked 7 months ago :

fonger081471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

So are you saying bundles are bad? You realize there's like 10 different bundle options for each system right?

HollywoodLA1470d ago

No. When did I say that? Can you quote me?

I'll wait, AGAIN.

: )

fonger081470d ago

@hollywoodla no genius, I'm asking a question, not quoting you... I'll wait for your reply... Oh wait I can't mr. two bubbles

700p1471d ago

Cry some more little baby.

Kavorklestein1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

At least with Sunset overdrive, the game is truly unique looking and also looks fun, whereas Resistance was created in a hurry ONLY to combat Gears of War and was souless, lifeless and bland for the most part.
Well... In my opinion anyway. At least the spark of creativity is there with SO and it's not just being made to compete with an exciting competitor's AAA game.

Resistance got better with number 2, but 3 sucked, and as a whole, they are better off forgotten in my opinion.

As far as Madden goes, why not let ALL of the consoles have all types of console designs and bundles, and appreciate the fact that many people are interested in various different things instead of talking shit on something you don't even care about in the first place?

If things were YOUR way, then exclusives would ONLY be made for whoever's console was currently leading right?
Then that would mean the PS3 and 360 would have NO exclusives, and the Wii would have got 480p versions of EVERYTHING.

I guess in your world, Nintendo and MS should just kill themselves and let Sony absorb their essence so you can have a feeling of superiority/pride for the first time in your life???

LOL games/exclusives happen the way they do for a reason, and Monopolies suck.
Just try to be more mature when it comes to the gaming industry and see it for what it is.

All the consoles have their pros and cons. Sales are only one half of the coin, being popular isn't a sign of being the definitive "best"

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lkc321471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

The only failure is HollywoodLA
Enjoy your games, enjoy your system, let execs worry about business plans and profit margins.

slate911471d ago

Nah bro. These guys love playin with numbers didnt you know? What are games??!!

tgunzz1471d ago

Agreed.... On topic with the xb1 article, those are 2 sweet bundles coming shortly. I mean this holiday is going to be sick with glee... madden, ssod bundle, possible hmcc (which is an automatic 4 game bundle) , fh2 bundles... Creating negative spins on the apologies to the xbox community is pathetic. Since so many like to restate (over, and over) MS reveal of early 2013, and to see what's being done to win back some of it's community, I applaud the effort. Keep it up MS.

Peternorth1471d ago

Suck it up buttercup it will be alright.

hello121471d ago

I never liked the Microsoft box packaging. I think Microsoft should release more bundles like this and even include custom painted xb1's.

optimus1471d ago

Don't like the idea that it'S A digital copy since you can't travel with it but free is free I guess...I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of giveaways like that down the road.

tgunzz1471d ago

Remember you can hook up external hard drives. You can take all your games with you.

optimus1471d ago

Is that so? I thought they let you save the game and not actually play them off the drive as is with the 360.

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