Mass Effect (PC): Graphics options compared

If you would like to know which graphics options in Mass Effect (PC) is killing your framerate, then PCGHx has some benchmarks and comparison pics for you.

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HeroOfCows3842d ago

So would the Xbox 360 version sit around medium, or a little higher?

Chubear3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

If you go look at the pics of the 360 version you'll see that they match the pics for high settings on the PC. However, from all accounts I've heard from, the PC versions obivously performs much better (fps, pop-ins etc) with a very good PC on high setings than the 360 version.

kylegtheassman3842d ago

if it was on the ps3 it would look better then both the pc and the 360 because its a supercomputer lol