Tales of Innocence R could hit the West, if enough people play Tales of Hearts R

Hideo Baba, producer and brand manager of the Tales of series, has suggested a Western release of Tales of Innocence R is possible, if enough people play Tales of Hearts R.

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3-4-51447d ago

Tales of Hearts is one of the only Vita games that appeals to me in 2014, so I'm definitely getting that.

gangsta_red1447d ago

I hope it happens...but I doubt it will.

Sly-Lupin1447d ago

I wouldn't be so pessimistic. Tales Of is doing really well overseas these days, and a platform like Vita is pretty well starved for decent games, let alone good RPGs.

gangsta_red1447d ago

Yes over seas Tales does great...unfortunately this article is speaking of the west. A place were Tales does decent and the Vita isn't doing well at all.

MrSwankSinatra1447d ago

Yeah, but Tales of Innocence could have problem when the Tales of Hearts R isn't getting an english dub. I know a lot of people that aren't getting the game due to that.

Spotie1446d ago

Given how well the last few Tales games did on PS3, I think Innocence will do alright. Hearts, too.

And the games are right up the alley of the average Vita owner; even with there not being that many Vitas in the wild, the attach rate for the game is likely to be high.

But who am I kidding? One look at your comment history tells me you actually HOPE it does poorly, gangsta_red.

gangsta_red1445d ago Show
Sly-Lupin1445d ago

When talking about Japanese games, "the West" (and everywhere else in the world that's not "Japan") IS overseas.

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Inception1446d ago

Such pessimist

FYI, last year Hideo Baba said he don't have a plan to release Hearts R for the west because Vita isn't doing well. But right now? Tales fans in the west who have Vita are looking forward to 14th november so they can buy Hearts R.

Another FYI. Namdai are in the 'localization spree' mode right now. They localized a lot of japanese games. From Ni no Kuni, Swords Art Online, One Piece, Jojo's Bizzare, Digimon, and of course Tales series. They are not SEGA who refused to localize Yakuza, PSO, or Valkyria Chronicles 3. So there's a big chance that Innocence R will get localize.

Of course, one thing you MUST do is buy Hearts R.

dark-kyon1447d ago

Well if western reviewers stop underscoring psvita games for being niche or not ps3 level performance for the sake of get hits and keep kicking the dead horse what is psvita,then the people maybe can give a chance to this game,importers what have played the game speak good thing.

3-4-51447d ago

yea but some of those niche games are ALSO not that fun to play.

Lucreto1447d ago

Still on the fence with about Hearts.

I want to play the game but I don't want them to get the idea it is okay not to release a game without an English dub.

The last thing I want to do it turn off the battle and cut scene voices just to make it playable.

dcj05241447d ago

? Why would you have to turn them off?

Lucreto1447d ago

Because the Japanese is annoying to listen to over a long period of time. It lacks emotion when you don't understand what the hell they are saying.

Whxian1447d ago

boycotting the game because of dub/nodub isnt the solution in this case. get the game but let your voice be heard on wanting dub/dual audio. they obviously didnt dub it to save costs because they have no idea whether or not the game will sell well. show them that there are enough tales of fans in the west on the vita and they probably would start dubbing their future games

Lucreto1447d ago

Or they see they don't need to add a dub when releasing a game and won't bother in future.

I am not getting Freedom Wars for the same reason. I seem to be a minority in this case.

Sly-Lupin1447d ago

You must really hate music.

Whxian1447d ago

freedom wars is from sony while hearts is from bandai namco, you can voice your opinion to either.

the problem with decidng not to buy the game atm because of dub is that the message bamco will get is that there arent enough vita users interested in the series, and then we wont get any other games dubbed or subbed.

it's like having a drought and being given a cola to drink but refusing to because you will only drink another brand.

with how badly the west is supporting the vita atm, we need all the quality games from japan we could get, even if they had to remove voices complelty to get it over.... otherwise we are stuck with an expensive handheld that gets only indie support in the west.

JaggedCarpet1447d ago

I'm with you on this one; I would much rather have it be dubbed than just subbed. If it's in a different language, it just doesn't have the same impact to me.

I'll hold off on getting it for a while, since there are a lot of games coming out at around the same time it's released. I do plan on getting it eventually, though.

MrSwankSinatra1447d ago

You're not in the minority i know a lot of people not getting Tales of Hearts R due to the fact that there is no english dub. Namco is pretty stupid for alienating potential consumers.

blackblades1447d ago

Not getting a game because it doesn't have dubs is stupid IMO. He said it wasn't made for western audiences so of coarse we're gettings subs. Besides at least we're getting it, be grateful for that you ungrateful people.

tiffac0081446d ago

I would rather have them not adding English voice acting if it means lessening the localization cost for the devs/pubs which could lead to increasing the chances of a game getting localized.

Inception1446d ago

If you think by boycotting the game means Namco WILL listen to your request than i'm sorry to say that you either dumb or ignorant.

nodim1440d ago

>I want to play the game but I don't want them to get the idea it is okay not to release a game without an English dub.

The only thing your actions will bring is that they will be sure "it's okay not to release a game in the West".

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