AMD Unveils Radeon Series Gaming SSDs – R7 120G, R7 240G and R7 480G Revealed

WCCF: Looks like AMD is working on introducing cheap high performance SSDs for the gamers. Called the Radeon R7 Series SSDs these will consist of Radeon R7 120G, Radeon R7 240G and Radeon R7 480G.

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ATi_Elite1569d ago

if the SSD are of high quality then this is a good move for AMD but they have to have quality because AMD SSD is gonna take a long time for hardware users like myself to trust.

I have my trust list of manufactures and I stick to them.

codelyoko1568d ago

It deosn't help that these are branded OCZ Barefoot ssd :/

ATi_Elite1567d ago

I didnt know they were branded ocz. Hopefully they are not a bunch of ocz low end ssd.

strangeaeon1568d ago

I honestly think that both Nvidia and AMD need to trim the fat and have far less models, they have 1000 different cards now.

codelyoko1568d ago

Actually they have just the correct amount of cards. one card for every 50-100 dollar increment.

strangeaeon1568d ago

I guess it depends on where you shop, it seemed to have to rhyme or reason. Now it makes sense, thanks.

gamernova1568d ago

Different selections of cards is good for the consumer.