Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Razorback, Hoverbike and IMR Overview

Sledgehammer explains how they developed the Advanced Warfare vehicles and the Integrated Munitions Rifle. Here is a overview of the Razorback, Hoverbike and the IMR in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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ind1fference1110d ago

I'd like to believe that the new CoD will be different but there's only so much they can change without upsetting their loyal fanbase.

GreenGamers1110d ago

Yeah i hope so too. Multiplayer reveal on August 11th!

venom061110d ago

i think you mean loyal "sheeple" fanbase.. no matter what Activation spits out there, these people will buy it, to only bitch, whine and complain about it 3-4 months later..

mcroddi1110d ago

Looking forward to seeing the MP on this game.