Destiny: Ghost Edition Selling like Hotcakes on eBay

Muaz from Twinfinite writes: "The hype train for Bungie’s upcoming Destiny has been chugging steadily along and after the well-received beta, has been at full throttle. Unsurprisingly, people are foaming at the mouth to get back into the game, and are willing to pay pretty ridiculous prices to do so; especially when it was announced that retailers were having to cancel certain Destiny: Ghost Edition preorders."

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SLUG1567d ago

when people say destiny is no good then who is buying it i just buy my today cant wait for the best fps game of all times

thrust1567d ago

I just hope they fix the auto aiming in the game, it's far to carebear!

You do not even have to try and aim and the game will do it for you just hit the trigger!

gamercologyst1567d ago

the best fps of all times? , i'm guessing you never played before the PS360WII era.

if this game was released back in the Snes till PS2 era this game would be destroyed before it was even released

we had Half Life , Goldeneye 007 , Time Splitters , Doom , Metroid Prime , Halo , Rainbow Six , Counter Strike , Battlefield (the 1942-2412) , Quake , Wolfenstein , Unreal etc

nowadays gamers have LOW standarts so they think everything released nowadays is masterpiece (if you're a casual or new commer gamer who started gaming PS360WII era).

objdadon1567d ago

I'm an ol school gamer too but no matter what Era this game came out it would still be a very fun and good fps. I preordered my ghost edition during the beta. I had a blast!

Tetsujin1567d ago

One of the rare collections I actually want, Game Stop and Amazon are sold out entirely. I'll have to wait.

BlackTar1871567d ago

People are bitter who say it's no good.

let the haters hate and just play the game if you enjoy it.

Drithe1567d ago

This is a FPS/RPG awesome game. I cannot wait to find all the super loot.

illminded321567d ago

I would never ever pay that much for no edition,unless I had the $$$ to blow and unless it came with signed something.
That's way too overpriced damn

TRD4L1fe1567d ago

for a mancave that Ghost would be awesome

USMC_POLICE1567d ago

none of them are going for 1k they are going for around $300

illminded321566d ago

Article reporting false ?

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The story is too old to be commented.