WWE 2K15 Wish List: 5 Things That Need Improvement

Carl Daniel of The Koalition writes:
This August should be an exciting month for WWE fans. Not only will we see Brock Lesnar completely destroy John Cena at Summerslam, we will also witness the next-generation of wrestling games courtesy of WWE 2K15. A full game reveal is expected in the coming days, but until then I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I’d like to see improved in Yuke’s latest attempt at making a great WWE game.

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rbailey1474d ago

I agree with absolutely everything on this list. All that 2K games has promised so far is better graphics but they damn sure better deliver on everything else. They have done an excellent job with keeping the rosters updated on NBA 2k14, so anything less than accurate is unacceptable.

rocky0475861473d ago

First look at WWE 2K15

John Cena just tweeted that.

Makkanchor1473d ago

Oh my god is that for real!!!!!!!

rocky0475861473d ago

Yes it is! In-game screenshot of John Cena!

Makkanchor1473d ago

This is truelly epic i cant wait to see it in action im so happy 2k15 has improved massively now my blood is really pumping to see gameplay!!!!