The Hardest Lesson in The Last of Us

The story of a minor character you never meet in The Last Of Us teaches one inescapable truth of that world: one way or another you are getting blood on your hands and you'd best make sure it's not your own.

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illminded321114d ago

Naughty gods we need ish single player dlc

Douchebag6961114d ago

Agreed. I don't understand why people disagree to that. There's more to a game than MP. Games existed before MP and they can exist without today. TLOU happens to be able to juggle both, however, they should've released more single player dlc.

TFJWM1114d ago

I really think if they do make a TLoU 2 that having someone from Ish's group with a flashback would be amazing. I really think they laid the groundwork for a lot of side stories that they could tell. I'm leaning this way because of how the DLC turned out.

joab7771114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

This is why I am torn on a sequel. If i knew what I they might make next, I know they can craft an amazing story no matter what...but imagine another story set in this world. Maybe u r a grown up ellie or u meet an older ellie and joel.

Either way, last of us 2 is coming b/c once U4 ends they will hav plenty of time for something new. And I want to see how far they can take the next game. Maybe flashbacks could work in lieu of letters.

illminded321114d ago

They have 2 teams,one is working on uc4 the other on an unannounced game,very possible it's the last of us 2 would be very surprised if it wasn't