Audio Q&A: MGS on DSP - Microsoft Game Studios audio guru discusses the future of sound in games development

Develop Mag writes: "In this exclusive and in-depth Q&A, John Broomhall discusses the evolution and proliferation of real-time digital signal processing for audio in games with Microsoft Game Studios' director of audio, Guy Whitmore – and gets the scoop on Microsoft's new deal with pro-audio plugin manufacturer Wave Arts…

John Broomhall: Welcome to Develop, Guy – what does your role in MGS involve?

Guy Whitmore: My team is a resource for the entire first party portfolio of MGS games for 360/Windows so we touch dozens of titles each year. Our work can cover creative and technical consulting through to heading up and undertaking audio recording and production – whatever's needed. We share our resources and assets over several studios and each of our Audio Directors oversees a collection of games titles/franchises."

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