Dissidia Final Fantasy: Tidus & Jecht Magazine Scan

Marking the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Dissidia for the PSP will feature various FF characters from it's series.

Tidus & Jecht from FFX is confirmed from this scan of the latest Japanese Famitsu Magazine.

The genre for this game is filed under "Dramatic Progressive Action" instead of RPG.

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Harry1903838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

something new about this game.Looks hot.

Wildarmsjecht3838d ago

Sweeeet, I almost forgot about this game. I wonder if they'll be some sort of connectivity with the PS3 or maybe FF13/Vs.

sinncross3838d ago

looks good
better be gameplay footage at e3

Reibooi3838d ago

I can't wait for Dissidia it looks awesome. I'm thinking it might be somewhat like Smash Bros except way more over the top. The small amount of game play I have seen looked incredible.

Nathaniel_Drake3838d ago

Did they say anything about it having some RPG elements like leveling up your character?

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