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A Pixelated View's review of Naughty Dog's Remaster of "The Last of Us."

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Eddie201011477d ago

If ever a game deserved a 11 it is The Last of Us.

marlinfan101476d ago

really a great game. id recommend it to anyone who hasnt tried it.

amiga-man1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Whatever anyone may think about the remaster it is offering newcomers to the PS4 and playstation family an opportunity to experience a true gaming masterpiece.

StrawberryDiesel4201476d ago

It looks like it was a PS4 only game. I'm jealous of those who played it for the very first time in 1080p at 60FPS. It's like a completely different game in my opinion, glad I only completed it once on PS3 so I can do multiple playthroughs on PS4.

Malphite1476d ago

I've just finshed the game 3 hours ago. I'm completely blown away by the presentation. The storytelling and acting is on another level compared to pretty much everything I've ever played.

I haven't played a Naughty Dog game since Crash 3. Suddenly Uncharted 4 is my most anticipated game. I really hope that Sony makes an Uncharted collection for the PS4.

I still haven't played the DLC so I'm still looking foreward to that.

funkybudda1476d ago

I assume you didn't own a PS3 last gen. I hope the rumor about Uncharted 1-3 remaster is true, that way you can experience the franchise in a complete package with the release of Uncharted 4 next year.

starchild1476d ago

Yeah, I've already played through the first three Uncharted games (platinumed the first two), but I would still love to see a remastered compilation of the Uncharted games. Being able to play through some of my favorite games with better graphics and much smoother framerates would be a joy.

scark921476d ago

I would defo replay the trilogy! Always fun!

Malphite1476d ago

You're correct. I didn't own a console last gen so I missed out on all the games that weren't on PC. That's why I hope for more HD remasters for the best games of the PS3 era. I'd take a subscribtion model for PSNow as well.

Miss_Vixen1476d ago

Agreed with everything you said. I've been playing video games ever since the Atari 2600, & rarely have I felt so much emotions & attachments to game characters.

You should check out the recent The Last of Us - One Night Live video.

It's definitely worth watching. You get to see the real-life cast of Joel, Ellie, Tess, Marlene & Sarah reenacting & doing live performances the important vital scenes from the game. The emotional scenes was particular very powerful & is a testaments to the acting abilities of the actors.

Malphite1476d ago

Thanks for the link. Will definately check it out later.

starchild1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

"The storytelling and acting is on another level compared to pretty much everything I've ever played."

I completely agree with you, Malphite. It's an incredible game. You really should play the Uncharted games as well. Those games are amazing, too, in their own right. Playing Uncharted Drake's Fortune I just knew that Naughty Dog was going to do amazing things. I mean, Crash Bandicoot and the Jak and Daxter games were great, but it wasn't until Uncharted that I realized just how elite that studio is.

Malphite1476d ago

Yeah Naughty Dog is definately right on top of my radar now. That's why I hope for the Uncharted collection. I could play it with a friend on his PS3 (I'm pretty sure he has the Uncharted games). Or I'll play them once PSNow launches in europe. One way or another, I definately want to play the Uncharted games.

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