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Bioware's new IP - Horror, supernatural powers and the Occult?

Bioware has been working on more than just Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect 4. Over the last few weeks the developer has been teasing a new IP, potentially call Shadow Realms, with teaser videos and ARG websites/blogs. (Dev, EA)

plut0nash  +   479d ago
Mmmmmm a new bioware IP. Exciting :)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   479d ago
N4G was slow at submitting this.

Yeah the teaser looks nice hopefully a third person action game.
plut0nash  +   479d ago
Maybe. At least writing will be solid :)
TheWackyMan  +   479d ago
@plut0nash are we thinking of the same bioware?
HoldenZA  +   479d ago
I love a good scare in a video game!
Those trailers have grabbed my attention, will need to keep an eye on this one.
bosbvok  +   479d ago
I really enjoy Bioware games, so I am looking forward to this new IP.
Sillicur  +   479d ago
Cant wait for this new game to be shown, hopefully more details at gamescon.
700p  +   479d ago
That would be sick if its an rpg as well <3
martinezjesus1993  +   479d ago
I was just thinking that too!
pandehz  +   479d ago
Im up for horror, thriller, mystery inclined sci fi
HanCilliers  +   479d ago
With RPG, then perfect
Sillicur  +   479d ago
Bioware does RPGs so well it would be a shame if the game did not at least have RPG elements
Lucreto  +   479d ago
Once it is not a horror. Horror is hard to do this day and age.

I would hate it to flop because a horror game not being scary.
plut0nash  +   479d ago
Maybe a dark RPG, not so much horror.
HanCilliers  +   479d ago
I agree, I hope horror isn't the focus
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Paprika  +   479d ago
Bioware create a great narrative. Proven in sci fi and fantasy, I hope this plays likea typical 3rd person RPG, but themed as a sort of occult/satanic style modern mystery. Think devils advocate :)
Scatpants  +   478d ago
If it's got a Lovecraftian flavor I'll be all over it.

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