DualShock 4 Glacier White, Wave Blue and Urban Camouflage release dates updated

The release dates got updated for Glacier White, Wave Blue and Urban Camouflage DualShock 4 controllers for Playstation 4.

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shammgod1447d ago

The Blue one looks nice with the black grips. I preordered the white, but might have to switch

ShinMaster1446d ago

No word on the red one?
I might have to import that one too...

MurDocINC1446d ago

Just plasti dip your controllers!
Its Fool proof, cheaper, more grip and if u get bored of color just peel it off and paint it different color.

RosweeSon1446d ago

Gets awfully grubby tho it'll be dirty in weeks.

press-start1446d ago

White pad with the white Sony gold wireless headphones looks sweet and of course the white ps4.

XBLSkull1446d ago

The colors look great, now if only they could give us better sticks and triggers.

irepbtown1446d ago

Blue and red are available on Amazon UK site, however no White or Camo. I quite like the camo one, hopefully it will be available soon.

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itBourne1447d ago

Damnit, the blue one does look awesome, I want the white one, but now I cannot decide, as my entire gaming set up is all black and blue.

Cryptcuzz1447d ago

Gonna get the awesome blue one, since I'm already going to get the white one with the Destiny Glacier white PS4. If y'all got the extra cash I would get one of each.

ZombieKiller1446d ago

Maybe this will help. Wash your hands before using the white one or it won't remain white for long! I imported a DS3 from Japan when the support for PS3 came out for it and man, it was tough to keep shiny!

I say stick with blue if you can't decide.

Darkstares1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

They both look cool but I would like to see an orange controller. There is also a red one,

Kingdomcome2471446d ago

I want to see a forest green/black, and turquoise/black.

Knushwood Butt1446d ago

I have a blue one. It's good.

I wonder if they'll patch the PS3 to allow DS4 use. That would be cool.

c_rakestraw1446d ago

They did, actually. Just have to pair them to the system using the bluetooth accessory menu, I think. Haven't tried it for myself, but I would assume they work fine.

ZombieKiller1446d ago

Oh & blue, or black & white.....SOLD!

UnholyLight1446d ago

About time!! Ive been holding out as long as I can on replacing my two black controllers. One of them works just fine but the soft gel or whatever on the stick has torn (300hrs of Battlefield will do it :( )...and the other controller got wrecked when my roommate spilled on it.

All three look really awesome. My favourite colour is Blue so I cant wait for that one!!!!!!

Seraphim1446d ago

Both look nice. though I'm not a huge fan of the 2 tone unless I customize one @ ColorWare. It was nice to see that along w/ Glacier White Sony is rolling out some color. Can't remember the last time I actually bought a black controller. PS3 White DS from Japan then Red, another Red, Blue. PS4 only xtra I bought was from Colorware Techno/Lightning...

My question is. These have been up on Amazon for quite some time. Is a new story really a necessity here? Come on....

ITPython1446d ago

The camo one is pretty nice, I got the digicamo DS3 and I really liked it (still my primary PS3 controller).

Although I'll wait until my DS4 breaks before I buy a new one, my gaming budget will have been depleted for a while after getting Destiny.

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Enemy1447d ago

Glacier white and wave blue looking sick. Blood red PS4 + controller for Bloodborne has to be in the works.

SmielmaN1447d ago

A blood style with black would be sweet. I would like to see that done in the style of Carnage from Amazing Spider-Man.

Dante811447d ago

I'll be purchasing the white one to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast.

SmokingMonkey1447d ago

and the 15 year anniversary of the demise of the Dreamcast

jeremyj29131447d ago

And still no mention of the Magma Red one?! I'm starting to get a little upset. Like @enemy said I hope it at least comes at the same time as Bloodborne.

danny8181447d ago

are these controllers enhanced at all? battery life? Thumb grips?

wsoutlaw871447d ago

the rumor is that the thumb grips were changed already if you are referring to the peeling thing. I havent seen any new complaints of that for anyone not using a lauch ds4. Besides that though its a ds4 in a different color just like it says.

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