Will Halo 5 Save The Xbox One?

Vernon responds to an episode of Inside Gaming Daily where they ask a simple question: will Halo 5 save the Xbox One?

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Xbone does not neex saving. Sure its not selling as much as ps4 but it is doing fine. We need to stop bashing consoles and play some games instead people

wastedcells933d ago

Once games start coming out more often these types of article will hopefully fade away.

GrandpaSnake932d ago

i want these to go away, but wouldn't more games cause even more negative articles?
i can already see the halo is going to suck article. i mean that be ultimate clickbait.

UltraNova932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Dont hope too took 3-4 years before the hate on ps3 cooled off while Sony’s only mistake was having the more expensive system and releasing games 1 year later, it was a far cry from the DRM, always online, used games ban and kinect is the only future fiasco MS created for sure!

Lets not forget history now...

With that said I do believe the xbox brand can get back on track IF they follow the example set by Sony (which they already adopted). Focus solely on games and after sale support and they will end up with sales around the 60-70 million mark this gen.

As for the ps4 I cant definitely see it surging pass 90 million units this gen, unless Sony commits suicide...

creatchee932d ago


"it took 3-4 years before the hate on ps3 cooled off while Sony’s only mistake was having the more expensive system and releasing games 1 year later"

Price was only one of the reasons that PS3 got a lot of flak at launch and afterwards. There was also:
- inferior/broken multiplats
- development difficulty with The Cell
- less than spectacular early exclusives
- XMB that you couldn't access in-game (at the time)
- barebones (at the time) PSN
- no rumble controller
- microphone issues in multiplayer

I'm not saying that all of them are on the same level, but cost was only one of the issues with early PS3. And, for the most part, most, if not all, were fixed over time.

Mr Pumblechook932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Although Halo 4 didnt quite match the quality of the Bungie games it was well received. Come the launch of Halo 5 there will be a tremendous amount of excitement for it. The only problem being that the first new Halo game for the platform will arrive Two years after the Xbone console launched. I have no doubt it will shift many more console units, but come Autumn 2015 IF Microsoft is not market leader then I doubt this one title will be a game-changer.

Boody-Bandit932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Regardless if you game on all formats, multi but favor one over the other, game primarily on one console, are just here for gaming information, diehard, hardcore, mainstream, casual or what ever the case may be.

Can we come to one simple conclusion?
Articles like this are nothing but click bait trash regardless of the content or reasoning by the author. So do what I do as soon as you see a title like this regardless of which site it's from or how well it's written.

Mark the site down.
At the top of the page click the site name+ under Full Story.
"Story quality?" WTF
"Like this site?" NO

We deserve better than this continual click bait trash that gets us no where. That's why this N4G has this option and we should take a minute and exercise it. The only way we are going to get better from the industry and lame cesspool media is by voting.

Here we do it with mouse clicks.
At retail we do it with our wallets.

BattleAxe932d ago

Once Halo 5 and the next Gears game comes out, then the Xbox One will be on a roll. It will be interesting to see if Titanfall stays exclusive to the Xbox and PC, especially in light of the fact that Sony turned down EA's subscription service. If Titanfall does stay exclusive, then I think the Xbox will have a pretty solid foundation.

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BiggerBoss933d ago

It may not need saving, but there's no denying that Halo will be THE system seller for the XbOne that will increase sales dramatically

nucky64933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

wasn't that said about titan fall? and wasn't that said about a kinectless 399 dollar xbone?

as far as xbone doing well - I'd say yes if compared to x360 sales....I keep reading that it's outpacing the older systems sales. but if compared to direct competition right now with ps4 - then the answer is no.

BiggerBoss932d ago

@nucky, titanfall and Halo are two completely different beasts. If there's one thing that will make 360 users move to XbOne, it's Halo. The Halo franchise has almost a cult like following.
And I agree that XbOne is not doing near as well as Ps4, but Xbox sold like complete crap compared to Ps2 but still had a good bit of good games

700p932d ago

Halo MCC will be the game that brings more people on xbox one during the holidays. Even a game like forza horizon will bring more people to xbox one.

marlinfan10932d ago (Edited 932d ago )


"wasn't that said about titanfall?"

titanfalls a new IP. halos a proven seller with over 50 million copies sold for the series. theres no doubt people will be buying the system for halo

no ones saying its selling better than the ps4, thanks for clearing that up for us. the xbox is selling just fine. it seems like you're more worried about it than actual xbox owners, but then again, why would anyone care? thats still what I'm trying to figure out

LordMaim932d ago

@nucky64: But Titanfall isn't Halo. Halo will always sell consoles. Even the worst Halo sold very well, enough to push some Xbox Ones.

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700p932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

@ARESWARLORD Yeah, these repetitive articles are really annoying. Xbox is doing fine. All of there exclusives have sold over a million each while titanfall is apparently the best selling xbox one game atm which doesnt shock me since its topping charts.

3-4-5932d ago

Save? Halo 5 isn't releasing for OVER A YEAR.

It's going to need more than Halo to be a console that matters.

It's a solid console, that is slightly less powerful than a PS4. If XB1 has enough good games, then it will be fine.

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Snookies12933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

The X1 is doing fine... Not sure why it needs saving. So the PS4 is selling more, that doesn't mean the X1 is flopping. It just means the PS4 is doing incredibly well. They're both doing very well.

mixolydian_id933d ago

I haven't taken the plunge yet... but I want a One and I know I won't be disappoionted

greenyboi933d ago

Is there any need for all these articles sure the xb1 isn't selling as much as the ps4 but does that mean its a failure .we aren't even a year into this generation. And there isn't much reason to jump in to next gen yet .but when the heavy hitters start dropping later this year early next in sure sales will pick up on both systems when people see the must buy system sellers .

slappy508933d ago

I'm looking forward to when the xbox one is launching here on 23rd September (yes I own A ps4 I like both gaming consoles). Looking forward to master chief collection, sunset overdrive and quantum break. I don't think Halo 5 will save the xbox as you have to look at the catalogue of games as a whole, but it will definitely be a great title to have

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