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Video Game TV Shows We Used To Watch

"The PL Crew gathered around the table to discuss Video Game Inspired TV Shows. The late 80’s/90’s had their share of good, really bad, and corny broadcasts. Let’s take a trip down memory lane." -Play Legit (Culture, Double dragon, Mega Man, Retro)

Relientk77  +   240d ago
Sonic the Hedgehog on Saturday mornings, frickin loved that show!

bacrec1  +   240d ago
The fastest thing alive!
solidsheep  +   240d ago
Use to wake up at 6am to watch Megaman and Samurai Pizza Cats.
Evil Rant Monkey  +   240d ago
*bubs for slapping me in the face with nostalgia!
ARESWARLORD  +   240d ago
My son just finished the sonic the headgehog series. Its on netflix. Sega does what nintendont lol. Miss gaming in the 80s and 90s.
creatchee  +   240d ago
Hey Pisanos! It's The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!
Tetsujin  +   240d ago
Captain N, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario Bros show; now I feel 10 again :/.
3-4-5  +   240d ago
Yea Captain N was awesome.
Jonny5isalive  +   240d ago
I used to watch mario, sonic, megaman, pokemon and, monster rancher.
bacrec1  +   240d ago
The intro to MK looks awesome.

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