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Is Sonic The Hedgehog The Most Overrated Game Ever?

Is Sonic the Hedgehog the most overrated game ever in the history of our lives? (Retro, Sonic the Hedgehog)

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n4rc  +   207d ago
Hell no... Loved those games
Rikitatsu  +   206d ago
I closed the video when he showed that montage of him sucking and dying over and over again.

If you can't learn the fundamental game mechanics like Rolling, don't be surprised if you just collide with the baddies and other obstacles.

The Genesis Sonic trilogy are one of the best platformers of all time.
SegaGamer  +   206d ago
Even today i feel Sonic games get harshly criticized because people suck at the games.
yewles1  +   207d ago
What the Flying Mighty Duck @#$% is this?
ARESWARLORD  +   206d ago
No way sonic 2 on genesis was epic. The sega vocals wow
XiRockLee  +   206d ago
Not really !
Clown_Syndr0me  +   206d ago
I don't think so. The original Sonics are timeless classics. They are one of the few games that are just as good today.
Paprika  +   206d ago
The original sonic games are true classics! As a kid... you jut can't beat them... well Mario was just as cool! Also, Sega were just epic back then with sonic, the iconic "Sega" intro was legendary! And that music.... epic music!
JaXion5  +   206d ago
Definitely not, he's been getting nothing but shitty games for years now, with the exception of Generations.
dcj0524  +   206d ago
Well, no. A shitty game is Rambo the video game. Get only sonic game that is that bad is Sonic 06. Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed,Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure and the Sonic Advanced series were all praised with 7.5-9 scores. The night levels in unleashed were misplaced, shouldn't of been there. Sonic Heroes was good but some design flaws stopped it from being great. One bad game isn't the be all end all of sonic games.
Chrono  +   206d ago
YouTubers these days will post any crap just to get a boost for the ad revenue.
Pintheshadows  +   206d ago
Yeah. A lot of Youtube content seems to be made by absolute amateurs. It is starting to get a bit much.

And no. Not in the slightest. Sonic is a shining example of terrific level design.
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dafegamer  +   206d ago
Yeah one of the best and most innovative level design in a 2d platformer
Ocsta  +   206d ago
No. Let me rephrase: HELLZ NAW.
drpepperdude  +   206d ago
I haven't liked a single sonic game yet out of the few I have played but I think the characters are interesting.
dafegamer  +   206d ago
what the f*ck is this shit? Hell no, Sonic the hedgehog is still one of the best 2d platformers of all time(and certainly one of the most unique ones with its speed mechanic) There is a reason why it has build up one of the biggest fanbases in gaming. I really hope that sega finds a way to bring Sonic to its glory. Generation was a great start
mcstorm  +   206d ago
I agree Sonic has been a great IP. It lost its way a little but I loved Generation and Lost World too.

Looking forward to seeing what the next Sonic is going to be like too.
Inception  +   206d ago
SMH, are this people crazy?!

And who the hell approve this crap?! :(
SegaGamer  +   206d ago
Well all they seem to do is criticise every part of the game, even saying it's stupid that Robotnik would put animals in robots.

If they can't use their imaginations then why do they even bother playing games ?

They also don't even understand the game, they don't realise that it's simplicity is what made it great. You run through the levels as fast you can, pick up as many rings as possible, and destroy badniks.

These 2 idiots just don't understand what made games of this era so great. Maybe this is part of the reason why a lot of gamers these days are so unlikeable. They just don't understand gaming.
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DeadManMMX  +   206d ago
What?? Your mother was overrated!!! Lol but seriously this franchise was gold until it went 3D. I was so happy when I got my dream cast and Sonic Adventure. It was enjoyable but Super Mario 64 was such a work of art I compare every 3D platformer to it and find them wanting. Case in point when I got my PS4 I couldn't like Knack hell when I got my PS2 I couldn't like Jak. Super Mario 64 the only thing to take it to the next level since is Galaxy I'll just pretend sunshine never happened.

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