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China’s Xbox One and games will be totally region locked

The news of the Xbox One launch price last week was met with a surprising level of positivity from China’s gamer community. The reason, in part, was that although Microsoft hadn’t announced anything, some e-commerce sites were advertising the system would not be region locked.

But those ads have since been revised, and Microsoft China VP Xie Enwei made it very clear that the console and its games will be totally region locked.

Specifically, according to Sina Games, Xie said that Chinese Xbox One games will not be playable on other Xbox One consoles. Similarly, Xbox One games and apps from other regions cannot be downloaded or run on the official Chinese Xbox One. (Xbox One)

The_Eternal_one  +   44d ago
That's a shame but I can't say I'm really surprised.
brish  +   44d ago
In unrelated news XBox One flops in China.
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ExposingLames  +   44d ago
I'm SHOCKED!!!111!
LAWSON72  +   44d ago
Not news really Xbone is region locked it is not like China would be exception
Deadpoolio  +   44d ago
WTF are you talking about the Xbone is not region locked anywhere except for China....Clearly you must be thinking of the 360
98xpresent  +   44d ago
Yeah that was a 180
LAWSON72  +   44d ago
Was it really? I had no idea, well good to know.
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ShaunCameron  +   44d ago
The government doesn't the people with freedom.
SynestheticRoar  +   44d ago
Secure that shit.
Jsoc  +   44d ago
I saw that coming , gov. in China want to control what game content is going to be allowed...
Neo43224  +   44d ago
600 bucks plus region lock and the weakest console. Where can i get one?
sho0ok  +   44d ago
Ask your mom kiddo
NeoGamer232  +   44d ago
600 is probably the price because of Chinese taxes. Region locking would be a Chinese gov't request to control what gamers can play. It is the only console available legitimately in china right now.

So, your post was a complete fail....
Menkyo  +   44d ago
you can import any console you want from Hong kong so actually your comment is the failure.
700p  +   44d ago
Ill buy it for you son. Ill even buy you a new superman comic.
cellfluid  +   44d ago
China just like everything else lol @neo
Twiggy  +   44d ago
This won't go very well, insane price tag with restrictions on games..

Fair to say, just get a PS4? build a somewhat powerful PC? who knows, with the insane amount of people there, any console to get the good word of mouth around China, wins.
vikingland1  +   44d ago
Being it's China I bet the Ps4 will be region locked also.
lilbroRx  +   44d ago
The ignorance and lack of comprehension in some of these posters.

Do you understand anything works outside of PS4 current spec position amongst console? That seems to be the only things that masters to most of the people on this site.

What does any of what you said have to with laws and regulations in China or how they will affect the Xbox One?
mkis007  +   44d ago
People will just continue to get the greymarket consoles...
Syakinta  +   44d ago
or stick with PC.
level 360  +   44d ago
Really ??.. Mmmm...
0pie  +   44d ago
Is there a reason why?
GribbleGrunger  +   44d ago
It's really quite simple and nothing to do with Microsoft. China has strict censorship laws so being able to import any game from anywhere is a definite 'NO DEAL'. It had to be done and Sony will have to do it too.
XxExacutionerxX  +   43d ago
Wow, I'm glad someone else gets it.
mixolydian_id  +   44d ago
TBF, they'd get pwned if they shared servers with the rest of the world :P... give them some time to get used to the controls.
Numptyarse  +   44d ago
Lol quality!!
Menkyo  +   44d ago
I give it a month before two things happen; BesTV steal the xbone specs and start selling the BesTV one or Chinese hackers crack it and start selling boot legs and unlocked versions.
iceman06  +   44d ago
Saying as though the thing is being made in China, I don't think you have to wait that long. That's just the nature of electronics in China and it's been that way for a LONG time.
wheresmymonkey  +   44d ago
SO i guess those improted consoles that've been avialoable in china for months are still going to be the verison people buy, what a surprise!
LordDhampire  +   44d ago
Microsoft supports communism

That's low
Palitera  +   43d ago
Are we back to the 60's?

The world support communism. We need communism. Remove China's communism out of the equation and you'll see our consuming capitalism fall apart. Almost every electronic on your house and job, or even used to run this site was fully or partially made there.

So, yeah, you support communism.
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LordDhampire  +   42d ago
I don't support communism you commie, I Bleed Red, White and Blue, I don't use your iphone commie junk, I don't use your Foxconn commie junk.

China won't use american operating systems, and they haven't really given anything worthwhile to the 21st century, they did amazing things back in the day the printing press and their cheap labor might produce most good everywhere but it doesn't mean its right, China is completely censored, and use's people like slaves.

If china said screen windows I personally wouldn't even release a xbox one there, all they are gonna do is reverse engineer it probably running on android or some other garbage they didn't make and Make the SUPERGAMEBOX.
Palitera  +   41d ago
You're on a GAMING site and you think you dont consume FOXCONN?

How ignorant can an oh so proud yankee be? It's always a surprise...

You might even say you are not a supporter for the chinese "tirany", but your acts AND MONEY speak much louder than your internet rant through chinese hardware.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   43d ago
Sounds good

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