Naruto Shippuden : UNS Revolution - Interview about a PS4, Xbox One, PSVita release and open world

PS4 and Xbox One release ? An Open World for the next game ? You can see the video of the interview in English.Thanks Hiroshi Matsuyama, director of the game.

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LightDiego1442d ago

Sasuke will love that news.

Ripsta7th1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Oh man a next gen game, all thise colors :OO

paul-p19881442d ago

I love how the only Naruto related article I've seen for a while does NOT have a comment from either XiNaruto or XiSasuke lol

On Topic: I am DIEING to play a new naruto game on my Vita, make it happen!!!

XiRockLee1442d ago

Hey im going to be in that game :')