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Assassin's Creed: Unity map Leaked, Really Huge and similar to the real map

Assassin's creed: Unity's map has been leaked and it looks really big. (Assassin's Creed Unity, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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oODEADPOOLOo  +   48d ago
My most anticipated co-op game this year next to evolve, getting standard edition, but friend getting LE with statue. Anyone know if there's any known date when they release more information?
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skulz7  +   48d ago
Wrong article pal
oODEADPOOLOo  +   47d ago
wtf r u talking about?
GeofferyPeterson  +   48d ago
AC Black Flag was much bigger, but also it was mostly water.
starchild  +   48d ago
Yeah, of course. Unity is supposedly bigger than all the land area of Black Flag combined.
iamnsuperman  +   48d ago
Well I hope so. The land mass in AC4 isn't that big. The illusion of grand scale is given with inaccessible areas.
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skulz7  +   48d ago
3x larger than all land mass a dev said.
Lwhit6  +   48d ago
Wintersun616  +   48d ago
I much prefer a smaller area with something sensible to do, than a huge area with nothing to do but collect collectibles and hunt a few animals. (AC3 Frontier...).
starchild  +   47d ago

Even so, the explorable areas in AC4 are quite extensive. It's a big game no matter how you slice it.

It's a lot bigger than most games. Hell, it's even bigger than some other open world games like Infamous Second Son.

In any case, AC Unity sounds like it is going to be massive. When you factor in the density of the environment and the fact that you can enter many of the buildings and monuments, as well as a vast network of catacombs under the city, nobody is going to be complaining about the size of Unity.
The_Blue  +   48d ago
I doubt it had interiors though.
XtraTrstrL  +   48d ago
Wow, very nice. This game should have crazy replay value for multiplayer, especially if the side missions are really as randomly varied as they say with the procedural setup.
ShaqSoda  +   48d ago
Unity is going to revamp the AC series.
stefan771  +   48d ago
The size and scale explains why it's new gen exclusive
skulz7  +   48d ago
Definitely. That world size, with stunning visuals (arguably best on new gen so far), quarter of buildings have accessible interior, 1:1 scale of monuments and buildings - it's simply breathtaking. Really excited for this release!
XtraTrstrL  +   47d ago
Oh wow, did they actually say that? A quarter of the buildings will have interiors? That'd be crazy going by how many buildings seem to be packed into that super dense map.
700p  +   48d ago
Thats good to know! Definitely one of the games im excited for!
ironfist92  +   48d ago
Massive. Imagine how they're going to top this with the next one!
Rivitur  +   48d ago
Behind who dot what?
bixxel  +   48d ago
At Comic Con Alex Amancio said that AC Unity is 3 Times larger than Black Flag's landmass.
3 TIMES!!!
Mithan  +   48d ago
I only played about 8 hours of AC3, and not AC4.
I may come back for this one now that it is in a real city again.

I went to Paris at Christmas time and it blew my effing mind away.
bixxel  +   48d ago
AC3 is the worst AC game. Go play AC2 first.Then judge...
Palitera  +   48d ago
Agreed. Almost anything is worse in AC3. AC2 Brotherhood is by far the best IMO, but it's good to have played AC2 before it...
Mithan  +   47d ago
I've played the death out of the first 4 AC games.
bixxel  +   47d ago
Okay.I take back what I said.AC Revelations was the worst AC game.Plain dull boring gameplay,missions,gloomy yellow weather,pointless tower defense games etc.Just liked the Altair's amulet's missions.
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   47d ago
AC 3 is the best in the series IMO , way better then 1 & 2 .
starchild  +   47d ago
I liked AC3. I don't understand the hate it gets from some people. I personally related to Connor quite a lot and the traversal mechanics were the best so far, the setting and story were interesting to me, and it was the first AC game where you could hide in foliage. The combat was also the smoothest and most badass looking of any of the AC games.

It wasn't my favorite overall, but it was quite good. Somewhere in the middle of the pack for me.
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Audiggity  +   47d ago
French people celebrate Christmas? I thought they were all rude pagans that chug wine and throw-up cheese to make room for croissants?

Hmmmm, I'm beginning to think my history teacher was very unqualified.
Mithan  +   47d ago
If you ever get the chance, go to Paris and stay in the old city area. It's amazing.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   48d ago
Im suprised at how similar it is to the real map. Looking forward to this one!
Black_Adam88  +   47d ago
i hate a huge map with nothing to do in it. if there are at least side missions to do in the majority of the map than this is great i dont want a big map to explore for no reason.
fluxmulder  +   47d ago
Let's hope they actually fill the map with meaningful content this time. We've gotten big maps before, and there was nothing to do but run around and collect animus fragments and feathers.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   47d ago
cant freaking wait man woooooooooooot, finally france, the very best only
GDDR6_2014  +   47d ago
Looks so good, one scene they said there were 2000 people on screen
Harmonizer  +   47d ago
Black Flags was arguably the best game in the entire series, so i wonder how Unity will do with an entirely different theme this time around.

And with no ships and water this time, are they just gonna forget about that or are we gonna see a spin-off game from Ubisoft next year with open-world pirate stuff ?
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Big_Boss88  +   47d ago
This is looking to be a great game :). I enjoyed playing AC4 with the pirate theme, but didn't really get into the earlier AC games that much. I guess I can't get so hyped for these games, because they release so often, I dunno. I might give this a try though :D. Not going to be too excited of this yet, as I did that mistake with Watch Dogs and it ended up being quite disappointing.

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