'Minecraft: Xbox One Edition’ Release Date Potentially Revealed, PS4 And PS Vita Edition Too?

INQ: Minecraft fans have anxiously been awaiting an announcement for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PS Vita releases. Developer 4J Studios has promised that it will let everyone know when the game will be submitted to certification. However, a list of upcoming Xbox One releases obtained by a fan from GameStop should at least give everyone a target release date for the open-world sandbox title.

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devwan1598d ago

Latest Vita TV adverts say "coming in September" when Minecraft is shown towards the end.

dotwithshoes1598d ago

The article shows a image of a GameStop upcoming release sheet for Xbox One DLC, but goes on to state it's a disc release date. Gotta love people who don't fact check.

Queasy1598d ago

It was unintentional bad wording on my part. GameStop reportedly told the person who obtained the listing that the retail release would happen the same day.

It's been updated so that point is clearer.

AntsPai1598d ago

They're saying August 19 for those who would rather not load up the page.

Heisenburger1598d ago

I sure would love that. Been looking forward to this for a while.

LightDiego1598d ago

Looks like finally i will play Minecraft, not that i hated the concept or something like that...

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