PS4 Weekly Deals: PlayStation 4 with inFAMOUS $429, Tomb Raider $29.99, Wolfenstein $39.99 and more

PS4 deals and sales from the biggest sites like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg, Frys, GameSop, eBay & Groupon.

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Tom871477d ago

How is The Last of US everyone?

jacobvogel1477d ago

If you never played the PS3 version. You should play this one for sure.

Lou Ferrigno1477d ago

If you've played the PS3 version, you should play the PS4 version for sure. :)

RedDevils1476d ago

If you've played the PS3 version, don't get it on PS4, waste of money. Just cause it 1080p better, it's still doesn't warrant a full price, unless the game cost something like $30 or you got too much money on your hand

Apollo11477d ago

A lot of great console deals lately. Happy to be a PS4 owner.

edgarohickman1477d ago

Just pre-ordered Destiny from NewEgg

andrewsimons1477d ago

Newegg were selling PS4 consoles for $359 through ebay

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