Destiny Briefing: Easily Take Down a Devil Walker

Picking a fight with the Devil Walker is one of the first truly challenging things you'll encounter on your quest to save our Solar System, Guardian. As one of the fiercest members of the Fallen, the Devil Walker is a savage opponent for the uninitiated, but with training and an understanding of what you'll go up against in the field, taking down this spider tank won't be a problem.

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ROQFrost1449d ago

Very nice breakdown. Thank you.

JoeIsMad1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I figured that if there are enough guides to get people through level 10 before the game comes out, most people will understand the basics of smashing their way to raids. We all love raids.

Stevefantisy1449d ago

Great guide thanks. I look forward to many more.

Jacktrauma1449d ago

Sweet guide! This thing is a lot of fun to take on as I always love a good fight!

JoeIsMad1449d ago

Doing it the hard way is half the fun, but some of the people I played with in the Beta needed this guide.

KingKelloggTheWH1449d ago

If you have a good squade these fall like nothing, if your squad sucks...well it takes a while

JoeIsMad1449d ago

Let's hope that by the end of reading this guide your squad doesn't suck. There's nothing you won't know about the fight with one of these guys otherwise.

Stapleface1448d ago

You don't even need a squad to take down a Devil Walker. Once you have unlocked some of your better abilities and have some decent weapons you can take them down on your own as long as you have the ammo/patience. It doesn't really take that long at level 8.

JoeIsMad1448d ago

Totally valid, I agree again, but you should take into consideration that the next time you take one of these on you could be as low as level 3-4 fighting it in the open world, or level 6 on the Strike and then you'll never revisit it again. You'll be heading off to the moon, and along your merry way until you find another which is much stronger in some completely different area.

Sure, he's easy at level 8, but you were over-leveled with max gear by then, because you hit a Beta's invisible ceiling. This guide is intended for those who want to smash their way through levels and play at the top of their game to become some of the first level 20's and raiders in the world of Destiny.

Stapleface1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I fought the Devil Walker in the exploration mode earlier than level 8. I was saying it becomes very easy at 8, but it is doable alone at lower levels. You either need to have some Ammo Synthesis for your weapons or you need to die so you get some primary back from each But as long as your patient you can take it down even at lower levels. I know this write up was about the Strike in the Beta, but I was just saying in general Devil Walkers don't need a strike team, they just need patients, or pure power.

edit: This is a great article though. It was a good read. It will be very helpful for those that have yet to encounter a Devil Walker.

KingKelloggTheWH1448d ago

I did it at level 4 solo, it was long

Asuka1448d ago

good teamwork and these guys go down in ~2mins easy

ITPython1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I was on one team in Strike and it seemed like it took forever to take this thing out. It took so long I think the enemies stopped respawning.

My mission time was at just about an hour, and we took out the giant eye thing pretty quick. So we must have been at it for like 40 minuets on the spider. Although I do admit I really didn't know about the weak spots or how to fight it, I just threw grenades at it and shot the big round thing in the middle.

But I had played with a good team a few days earlier, and we took that thing out fast. So a good team and knowing how to battle the thing really helps.

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