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Once Wales Interactive has released Master Reboot for PC and Consoles, their library seem to have exploded with more multi-platform games. Gravity Badgers, for instance, managed to arrive on mobiles, before it got big on systems like the Nintendo Wii U. And now we turn to Infinity Runner, their next one which came out on PC, Mac and Linux. It’s another endless runner of dodging obstacles and surviving long stretches of levels, only this time it’s played with a keyboard and mouse. But does it work on such platform like a computer? Possibly. Those unfamiliar with endless runners like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, which are usually found on mobiles, should learn that this game is pretty simple to play. The main character would constantly run through a straight line, leaving the player to turn the camera around or press buttons, in order to take turns, make jumps and slides, and evade hazards. The character will die if he falls into a pit, walks into a wall, or made any other mistake, but it uses lives and health bar to keep them going ‘til the end. To top the gameplay up, Quick-Time Events are added for combat against the guards, and there’s a power-up that transforms the player into a werewolf, so they can soak up collectibles and insta-kill foes on contact.

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