VE3TRO: Lords of the Fallen Preview

@ve3tro: "There was a time when Square Enix was better known for its brightly coloured fantasy titles. These days it has branched out and is even publishing Western role playing title, Lords of the Fallen, which is coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC."

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Bigpappy1593d ago

This is another game of interest. Shadow of Moro and inquisition seems to pull me more at the moment though, so I am not sure when I will be able to get to this. October is a bad time to release this game, as it is completing for sales against well established AAA offerings that will occupy gamer's free time well into 2015.

RyanShutup1593d ago

Day one. Don't care about waiting for reviews... it looks legit.

Joher1593d ago

For me Lords of the Fallen is very promising action-RPG game and it does not matter when it has release date. All games which want to delay release date from October to another month have arleady do this. But everyone have their own opinion about that. I wait to this game in October but LotF is not only one game which I want to have:D

Aon1587d ago

Now a lot of games will delay their release date from October to another month or to 2015. For me nothing wrong with that this game will have release in October. I know a lot of good game will comes out in this month but Lords of the Fallen I hope will be good too.

riverside6661586d ago

Sure is a special play to increase sales. For me it is also not a problem to come out all in October. And so I'm going to buy a few games, and if I do that right away, or with a slight delay, for me or for other players it does not matter. Investors may look differently. Anyway, I hope it does not come to mind CIGames change this term! Because I want to play the Lords of the fallen as quickly as possible !!