FF Agito XIII and KH: Coded were not cancelled

Another day, another rumor debunked. Square Enix has recently announced that an important project was cancelled due to financial problems, and internet users speculated it either means Final Fantasy XIII or Kingdom Hearts: Coded.

Today the company has revealed an upcoming event called DK S 3713 and both Agito and Coded are in the line-up, which means another project was cancelled. Can you guess which one?

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LeShin3837d ago

So, what got canceled then?

Jackthepwnsaur3837d ago

Parasite Eve Cell Phone game, LOL.

imran_nxt3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! It cant be 13 for my PS3.... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

LeShin3837d ago

lol don't even joke about that!

TapiocaMilkTea3837d ago

Square, are you crazy???
Terminate all the remake projects already, and focus on FF13! You're loosing money because FF13 is not out, You can charge us 70 or 80 bucks for that game in some sort of collectors edition, I don't care.

imran_nxt3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

i am not joking man..rumours nowadays usually end up being true..hopefully its a joke or a false i bought a ps3 only for fantasy 13...

MvmntInGrn3837d ago

Well since Agito is part of the FFXIII group I doubt they would cancel FFXII itself, its impossible actually.

Maybe versus? That would be horrible but its more likely than FFXIII.

ustayclassyn4g3837d ago

why would it be versus i thought it was a mobile game that got cancelled

Tomdc3837d ago

I wouldn't mind them cancelling versus, cos thts the kingdom hearts team and I want a kingdom hearts 3 as quick as possible!

Panthers3837d ago

If it was Versus, that would be tragic. That game looked great, although they barely even began it when they showed the trailer.

That is what I am thinking.

Panthers3837d ago

But Versus looks so much better than Kingdom Hearts. It might even have blood in it, a first for FF (except cut scenes).

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MK_Red3837d ago

Awesome. Good to see Paraside Eve 3 for Mobile cancelled. Seriously, Parasite Eve is THE "Cinematic RPG". They should start working on Parasite Eve 3 for PS3 and 360 where it can really shine.

PS360WII3837d ago

Well the the thing with the mobile games is that they said rather than cancelling them they can easily be moved to the DS. What would that leave to cancel?

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