PS4 "GayStation Edition" Sells for $4,126; All Proceeds Go to LGBTQ-Rights Organization

The unique PS4 "Gaystation edition" has finally sold, and it made a pretty penny for the LGBTQ-rights organization RFSL.

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ContinuePlay1534d ago

Good to see!

The gay gaming community is absolutely massive, so anything LGBT and gaming-related is always nice to see, despite so many of the gaming community still harboring a rather regretful attitude towards such a large number of fans.

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WalterWJR1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

q the xbone and wiionyou editions.

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Ausbo1534d ago

Its funny because "gaystation" used to be an insult by Xbox fanboys, now its selling for 4 grand

Qrphe1534d ago

Thank you for pointing it out, this is actually the funny part of this all

bleedsoe9mm1534d ago

pretty sure the gaystation loves the xbone

rainslacker1534d ago

When you embrace the insult, make it your own, people can't use it against you anymore. :)

Not that that's what happened here...but yeah.

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yewles11534d ago

That PS4 actually looks nice.

Fullmetalevolust1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

It has a really cool retro feel with the 8bit heart. I wouldn't mind having it in my living room.
Cant afford a regular ps4 though lol ...but soon **rubs hands together**

sonic9891534d ago

Facepalm .

i dont think Sony has anything to do with this am i right .

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