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PS4 "GayStation Edition" Sells for $4,126; All Proceeds Go to LGBTQ-Rights Organization

The unique PS4 "Gaystation edition" has finally sold, and it made a pretty penny for the LGBTQ-rights organization RFSL. (PS4)

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ContinuePlay  +   48d ago | Well said
Good to see!

The gay gaming community is absolutely massive, so anything LGBT and gaming-related is always nice to see, despite so many of the gaming community still harboring a rather regretful attitude towards such a large number of fans.
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WalterWJR  +   48d ago
q the xbone and wiionyou editions.
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Ausbo  +   48d ago
Its funny because "gaystation" used to be an insult by Xbox fanboys, now its selling for 4 grand
DirtyPimp  +   48d ago
Qrphe  +   48d ago
Thank you for pointing it out, this is actually the funny part of this all
bleedsoe9mm  +   48d ago
pretty sure the gaystation loves the xbone
rainslacker  +   48d ago
When you embrace the insult, make it your own, people can't use it against you anymore. :)

Not that that's what happened here...but yeah.
yewles1  +   48d ago
That PS4 actually looks nice.
Fullmetalevolust  +   48d ago
It has a really cool retro feel with the 8bit heart. I wouldn't mind having it in my living room.
Cant afford a regular ps4 though lol ...but soon **rubs hands together**
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xtheblackparade  +   48d ago
It does, pixelheart :)
sonic989  +   48d ago
Facepalm .

i dont think Sony has anything to do with this am i right .
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Rik_Mayall  +   48d ago
Up next, PS4 in Xbox drag edition.
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Predaking77  +   48d ago
That amount is impressive!!!

Twiggy  +   48d ago
That's a lot of condoms I do say,

at least they'll be safe!
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TheOnlyMastrx  +   48d ago
Could have chosen a better name or just noted what the purpose was for making the console, but other than that, it is pretty neat design.
Jsoc  +   48d ago
The stupidity & and ignorance in this thread . The LGBTQ is raising money for awareness . For they can help people who been bullied and abused for being themselves. For all the people who have a problem with LGBTQ making a custom PS4 to raise money . Why are you here? Why are you reading the article? One of my best Friends was gay .. And he went thru HELL growing up with people hating him and getting bullied every day. Every day he would get assaulted .. Until he could not take it any more and committed suicide.... I wish there was a Place like LGBTQ for him back then and maybe he would still be hear and alive.... I miss my friend .....he was a great person he would help anyone who needed it. He was funny as hell and was a great gamer...R.I.P Robert....my brother & good friend
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Spotie  +   47d ago
For the most part, this thread makes me ashamed to be a straight male.
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DualWielding  +   48d ago
Out of curiosity, was Sony involved in this or does someone just decided to paint a ps4 and auction it for charity? If Sony officially sponsored this, it was a good move in terms of generating good will for their brnad
cl1983  +   47d ago
The group bought a ps4. They then custom painted it and put it up for auction.
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Chrono  +   48d ago
They should do Gaysbox One and Gaystendo U as well.
gamey  +   48d ago
Haha! Gaystendo U was a stretch. I'd buy it just for that name.
Neixus  +   48d ago
They should have the U infront instead.

''U Gay''
chaosx  +   45d ago
Maybe a SeXbox 1??
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